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How can you copy dates easily using Excel?

Asked by taxlover (21points) June 25th, 2007

I want to double click the little plus on the side and have the SAME date copied. When I double click it adds a year to the date (e.g. 6/9/2006 --> 6/9/2007). This is very very annoying.

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What little plus sign are you referring to?

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If you have 2 dates in a row that are the same, select both, then grab the little box on the lower left of the selection and drag down -- the cells below will be auto-filled with the same date.

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I was playing around with excell 2003. If you drag a date in that version, you have the option of incrementing by years, by days, by months, or just copying the same date.

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Perchik - the little plus sign appears at the left bottom corner of a selected cell. If you double click it, it's equivalent to dragging until it "hits" a cell which has something in it on the bottom, or when the cells from the sides are empty. This may sound unclear, but test it and you'll see. As for your second response - I thought there was such an option, but how do you enable it is the question - would appreciate if you could tell me.
Sublime - Thanks, that worked. This will save me a lot of time - I need to copy the date column, so if Perchik comes through, perhaps his solution will be a bit better.

Thank you very much!!

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Ok I've got it for you.

In excel 2003, the help file looks like this:

I was gonna write up a little tutorial but that says it all. If that doesnt help, or doesnt work, or if you dont have 03, let me know and I'll figure it out for you

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Thanks, I actually found this myself, but this is not very efficient (I have to do this thousands and thousands of time - I have to verify some data manually). I guess I'll stick to the "two dates per row" method.

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