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Does uhaul REALLY care if you have a soft top?

Asked by Hobbes510 (56points) May 14th, 2008 from iPhone

I have to move a lot of stuff in the next couple weeks and wanted to do so with help of a uhaul trailer and my Jeep Wrangler. I know uhaul’s official stance (according to their website) is that vehicles need to have a hardtop. Anyone know if these places REALLY care/check? Seems like a silly rule to me.

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I have uhauled in a jeep before. Hmmmm.

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my buddy just rented a car trailer from them in his jeep soft top and wouldnt allow him to rent with his expedition because it has rollover tendencies. Go figure.

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If they have this as a requirement, then while you may of course probably get around it easily by not telling them, it would most likely invalidate any claim you may have against them should things go wrong.

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Why not just rent a U-Haul truck? Try to forget what they said on the news show 20/20 about U-Haul using bald tires… The trucks are not much more expensive than the trailers. Ummmm, uh, don’t forget to return the rented trailer ball – they might forget to ask for it.

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I have a soft top too – but after reading what you are saying, I would say to go with a U-Haul Truck also. Better safe than sorry should something go wrong.

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It’s odd, isn’t it, how using a bald-tired truck is safer than using a trailer. Also, the U-Haul trucks have far more room in them than the trailer & the only wear & tear will be on the bald tires & not your Jeep. I vote truck!

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