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Is there a difference between the various online traffic schools in CA? If so, any suggestions?

Asked by chris (409points) May 14th, 2008
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only some of them are approved by the DMV. If you use one that isn’t approved the DMV won’t accept it.

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also it depends on your county because not all countys will allow you to take online traffic school.

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I don’t know if I would trust them, but it has to be approved by the DMV. After you get your ticket and mail it back stating you want to do traffic school they mail you a paper back with the website and what directions on what to do.

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I’m only wondering about the ones that are DMV approved – the list they send has 60–70 different possibilities. Any idea if some take longer? Cost more?

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I’ve only used one approved for la county, I don’t know what county your in to be able to help you with that

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This is what I used when I did mine online.

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Thanks babygalll. I used the same one and it was a breeze.

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I used Safety-USA, and it was pretty simple, but a bit time consuming. You could probably knock it out in a couple afternoons when you have nothing better to do. It was mostly comprised of little video clips with an immediate short quiz of what you just saw. Easy. I’ve taken traffic school twice online, and everything worked out fine in terms of settling my ticket and insurance. I guess I have a bit of a lead foot ;) I got my ticket in Placer County, but I remember them mailing me a list of accepted schools with my fine.

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