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Help! Who is the best insurance company to use? This is highway robbery!

Asked by EmptyNest (2033points) November 22nd, 2011

I have two vehicles I’m paying for. The first is a 2009 Kia Rio and the second is a 1997 Mazda pickup. I’m paying over $200 a month and an additional $25 a month for renters insurance.

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You need to call several companies and ask for quotes. The rates depend on so many different factors, the only place you will receive accurate information is the agent.

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Thanks, @YARNLADY, that’s what I was trying to avoid. LOL

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Try calling an independent agent who deals with a number of non-direct companies. They may be able to provide you with several quotes.

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Surely there must be websites who take all this comparison work out of your hands?
There are sites like that in Holland, so maybe in your country too…, just try a search in Google or which ever you use with the terms compare, insurances, car.

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I had the best luck calling to speak to someone and saying, “How can we get this lower?” We’ve always had the best price from Progressive and their customer service is excellent. The price you pay depends on a lot of factors, including your driving history, credit report, vehicle safety, etc. If you don’t owe anything on the cars and they have a low value, you can consider dropping collision. Again, talking to someone who can lay it all out makes a big difference.

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I have one speeding ticket from last November which was an emergency. It was reduced to “unsafe vehicle” which pissed me off. Before that, I’ve not had a moving violation in my state for 10 years. :-p

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@rebbel there are sites like that in USA too.
@EmptyNest There is no one right answer, or there would only be the one insurance company. The answer is different for nearly everyone. I know twins that live next door to each other and they both have different insurance companies for basically the same coverage.

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@EmptyNest I’m sorry, but you simply will not find the information you are looking for without talking directly to an insurance agent. There are way too many variables. The rates are negotiable, as we have discovered, and you can’t expect to find a one size fits all on the internet.

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I pay $50 a month for my insurance through Unitrin in Virginia.
I’m a 25 year old, female, and have a clean record except for a parking ticket when my car wasn’t registered.

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Average car ins cost in NYS is $1200. You’re getting stuck. Shop around.

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It also varies according to your credit score, where you live, and probably a lot of other things.

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I live in ohio and my payments are 80 bucks a month.

Safeco is my insurance company. Not to be confused with Safe Auto, which sucks.

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Thanks everyone for the great suggestions and answers. I wondered if anyone tried those online insurance companies like “The General” or Einsurance.

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@EmptyNest it doesn’t hurt to check their prices, but don’t use them exclusively. The online insurance would have saved me about a dollar a month, but it doesn’t come with an agent you can call when you have questions.

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