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Is strawberry ice cream sufficiently popular as to be included with choclate and vanilla?

Asked by LostInParadise (29638points) November 22nd, 2011

The traditional Neapolitan combination is chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. I like chocolate and vanilla, but I can think of a lot of flavors I would prefer to strawberry – coffee, pecan, maple walnut and mint to name a few. How many times have you ever bought a strawberry ice cream cone?

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Strawberry is definitey one of the top 3 in the UK, in fact I think it may be more popular than chocolate here. Personally I can’t bear strawberry-flavoured anything, and I can’t have ice-cream at all anyway as I’m dairy-intolerant.

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As a kid, the only other ice cream flavor I remember being as popular as those three is orange sherbet, not exactly ice cream. To this day, I get thrilled if I come across a Carnation brand paper wrapped Neopolitan ice cream bar. Oh gawds, yum!

I’m not a big ice cream fan even.

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Bleh. I hate strawberry… I would prefer other flavors too! I never understood the need to lump in strawberry with chocolate and vanilla.

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I love strawberry. And it’s probably pretty pleasing to the masses more so than mint chocoalte chip marshmallow, ya know.

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Never a cone. But my favorite is a strawberry milkshake.

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Um, I’m from the UK but would choose either chocolate or vanilla (white vanilla is extra yum) over strawberry. Strawberry’s okay.

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@johnpowell Love strawberry milkshakes :-)
Yes, I think it belongs in the top 3, although vanilla is my favourite

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I suppose, but, my favorites are the last 4 you listed. Coffee, Butter Pecan, Maple or Black Walnut and Mint Chocolate Chip. Oh my. I have no ice cream..damn it! I just got back from grocery shopping and ALMOST bought some, but, I do have Butterscotch pudding and Pecan Pie. lol

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I’ve never, not once, bought a strawberry ice cream cone. Never even considered buying a strawberry cone. Nope. No, strawberry should not be included with vanilla and chocolate. Where do I sign the petition?

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I’ll trade with people. I’ll eat the strawberry and you eat the chocolate. We’ll have to share the vanilla.

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Not in my book.

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It doesn’t seem to be, but I think it deserves to be. Strawberry soft-serve is the best ice cream. If you think this is debatable, I guess I have to bring you to the ice cream place I go to.

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I don’t like strawberry ice cream.

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I won’t buy strawberry ice cream, but neopolitan is a constant occupier of my freezer, and the flavors are always equal in the carton. The three compliment each other well.

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Strawberry is on a par with chocolate and vanilla in my mind. I can’t judge how it would fare in a poll.

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I don’t like strawberry or chocolate ice cream, so you can have all the Neapolitan ice cream. I don’t want my vanilla contaminated! I love strawberry milk, though.

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It’s not just about flavor. You really do need a color element in that slice.

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Not that it is totally relevant…But I love to make ice cream, and strawberry is the best one I make.

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