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It tastes good.

When I want it. Often as a dessert, sometimes as a small snack. And when I’m feeling very naughty, with a class of red wine. (Red wine sometimes triggers migraines, it’s living dangerously but oh-so-good.)

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Everytime, for a year I was used to eat an entire bar, kinda excessive, but still now 4 square alone, or with cheese (I love food experiment), or also in chocolate cakes.

I prefer milk chocolate for cakes or in bar, and the black one for cakes for dessert.

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I’m really not a big chocolate fan, unless it’s with peanut butter. I take that back, I do like those dark chocolate bars with nuts and fruit in them. Usually chocolate is just too sweet. I do get random cravings for it, but that’s not very often. Oh, and for some reason I love brownies… Just not chocolate.

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It tastes nice.

All the time.

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Chocolate is my ultimate comfort food – sweet and creamy and melty (yes, that’s a word) and it always makes me happy.

Hot cocoa in the winter, cold chocolate milk in the summer, and chocolate covered raisins for your “health kick” days. Hershey’s Symphony bars, Nestle’s Crunch, and Reeses to cheer you up. M&M’s happy little rainbow colors. And Hershey’s kisses that teach you patience, because you have to unwrap all the darn things.

I don’t eat chocolate anymore. I prefer milk chocolate, and it’s definitely not heart healthy. I did break down and try some fat-free Jell-o pudding. Mmmm, those old cravings fired right up again!

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Only in the movies. Then, peanut M&M’s. Nothing chic here.

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chocolate, for me, is best after a meal of grilled salmon and steamed spinach. dont ask.

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I like a square or two of Lindt dark with a cup of coffee in the evening because the flavor is complex and balanced and indulgent and it smells heavenly. Truly something to savor.

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Is there any reason to like it besides the fact that is tastes good????

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it’s good. Whenever i get the chance.

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Why do I like it ? – Because it tastes amazing and makes me happy (yes, I know of the fun chemicals it triggers/releases).

When do I eat it? – Anytime is good for chocolate, non? I don’t have a set schedule as such…mm but I think I will go eat some now :D

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I love the taste of dark chocolate, and I especially like bars that have a little spice/chili, cinnamon, lavender, toasted almonds, crystallized ginger, orange bits, or other things like that in them. Besides the amazing taste and happiness, I’m sure the antioxidants and all are good for your health (of course, we’re talking small amount of pretty pure dark chocolate).

I’ve found I really can’t eat too much, or it makes my heart flutter – so just a piece or two a day max – and I’ve (mostly) stopped eating it in the evenings so it doesn’t keep me up!

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I got hooked on eating dark chocolate in France. In the grocery stores they have about 9000 varieties of affordable chocolate, a majority of it over 60% cacao, which means it’s good and good for you. Here, I can’t afford the good stuff, so mostly I don’t bother. I had to taste 27 chocolates at my pastry class one night, and even though they were tiny little tastes, I wanted to die. Death by chocolate.

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I have dark chocolate on hand at all times, and I have a little piece of it after just about every meal (and sometimes in between). It’s a nice way to finish a meal, and get any offensive aftertastes out of your mouth – it’s a lot like when they give you sorbet between courses at a fancy restaurant. Plus, it’s just so tasty! =)

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I like it because it reminds me out this time when I was little and sad and my mom bought me chocolate to make me feel better. I HATE the taste of it.

I eat on the first and third Sunday of each month between 11:00 AM and 2:23 PM.

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@simone – seriously?

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I LOVE CHOCOLATE! Mostly because it comes in so many different forms. I can enjoy it in so many different ways. It tastes better than anything else sweet in this world!

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chocolate and i have a love love relationship; it’s getting pretty serious.
i don’t know, personally i love extra dark chocolate, i just love how it melts in my mouth, and the taste kind of smooths out after the first few bitter chews.
plus its supposed to be like an orgasm. and who hates those?
i eat it usually when i’m bored, depressed, or on my period. (sorry if thats tmi)

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My BEST TEACHING JOB of ALL TIME was for FAZER/BALTYCA in Gdansk, Poland, where they had one of their factories…they made chocolate – and they made the yummy kind with liquor in them, too…..I would come to teach and they would have a HOT MUG full of FRESH MELTY CHOCOLATE waiting for me – MAN DID I GET FATTER ON THAT JOB!!!

I was one happy fat *%&%!!


Oh Yea, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get back out the door, at some point….

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Immediately after I wake up from a nap. Strange…

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I like the way it tastes, and I eat it every week at one time or another…there is no pattern

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I’m an absolute chocolate FANATIC!! When I have one piece, I feel as though I must have another. Something about it’s rich, silky and smooth texture melting slowly over my tongue just before I swallow it is indescribably stimulating. I adore ALL kinds, but 60% dark is my favorite. I have a dark chocolate mini Hershey’s bar with my coffee in the morning, another piece during AP Chemistry around 9:00, another piece after lunch (as a finisher), another piece around 4, one after dinner, one around 8 or 9 that night, and then another as I start to go to sleep. I know this sounds like a tremendous amount, but each piece is just that- a piece. It’s either dark chocolate dove minis, hershey’s minis, turtle caramel minis, or a Ghirardelli square if I’m splurging, lol :D

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I’m not a huge fan of chocolate, never have been. I’d much rather have a peanut butter treat, something fruity, or something pastry-like (cake, pie). I do occasionally have cravings for it around PMS time, and I will indulge then, but rarely ever to excess.

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The chocolate is a sweet pleasure for me.The taste is just perfect.I like to eat a chocolate just it is in any time.The best one is Swish one I prefer .

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milk chocolate is better than sex. it tastes wonderful. i eat it when i’m: sad, happy, stressed, relaxing, bored, busy etc.

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I like it because it tastes good and makes me feel fine; anytime.

CHOCOLATE : the Psychoactive Cocktail

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i don’t really like chocolate.
sometimes i’ll have a kitkat bar or some chocolate milk when i feel the need
but i don’t much like it.
the smell of warm chocolate makes me sick

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I hate chocolate plain. But I eat it sometimes because I get this straaaaaaaaaaaaaange craving.

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Chocolate is one of the greatest taste ever, I like it on everything and anything. I will eat it anytime of the day. If you put it on a grasshopper I would eat it, if you filled a glass with it I would drink it. Serve me a chocolate pie and watch the twinkle in my eye, give me a chocolate kiss and you’ll know that love does exist.

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I like it ‘cause it tastes yum, and i’ll have it everyday. :)

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Why do I like it? Why does one like music, or sex or anything divine for that matter. When do I eat it? Whenever I can. 60–70% dark bitter-sweet for me. Oh, make it so.

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I eat chocolate because it makes me feel better when I’ve had a bad day. When the arthritis has made my joints scream just too much that day or maybe I’ve had managers/customers sniping at me just that bit too much that day. Not healthy I know but since I live life one day at a time, I find it terribly difficult to care (about myself) if I’m honest. hugs xx

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Because it’s the most delicious thing in the whole entire world and it fills me with warm, fuzzy feelings every time I eat it… which I try to do often ;)

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Chocolate gives a very comforting feeling and I think that the very best is Hershey’s milk chocolate. That’s because Hershey’s production process creates an almost imperceptible sour note to the chocolate to balance what would otherwise be cloying sweetness. This balances the chocolate perfectly.

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I’m not a big chocolate eater. I don’t like chocolate cake or chocolate pudding or chocolate mousse or Oreo cookies and I’m not very fond of dark chocolate (I find it way to sweet and too bitter) but I do like milk chocolate candy bars, especially Dove bars with almonds and I also like any kind of Sees chocolates as long as they’re milk chocolate. I also like chocolate milk and brownies.

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Don’t look for it, don’t go out of my way for it and I don’t think about it… But if I just so happen to SEE some, all bet’s are off and it is mine!

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I eat chocolate because it’s so indulging and comforting. I crave it when I’m feeling down. I blame my lack of endorphins.

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I eat a Hershy’s bar at launch after P.E. every day. I run the track to practice for the mile and it helps calm me down.

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