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Is there a catch to the Amazon credit card offer?

Asked by Dutchess_III (45650points) November 23rd, 2011

Have any of you signed up for it? I’m on a mission to find some good, heavy duty gloves that will fit me. I found some hot pink ones : ) ones for about $14.00 after shipping. There is an offer for $30 off “instantly” if I sign up for an Amazon Visa card. I clicked to add to my cart, and according to the calculator off to the side, if I sign up, the gloves won’t cost me anything, and I’ll still have a $21 credit. I’d buy a poster of the solar system with that $21, and get IT for nothing. And then cancel the card!
Is there a catch?

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I’m reading all the fine print. It looks like it’s just another credit card. I don’t use credit cards. But it LOOKS like I could make my two purchases then cut it up and walk away. There is no annual fee.
What do you guys think?

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If you’re not a big online shopper or credit card person why bother, just use your bank debit/credit card.

I have one regular Visa I use for my amazon purchases. :-)

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@Coloma Because, from what it’s saying, I get $30 free right off the bat. It’s suggesting my gloves won’t cost anything, and there’ll be enough left over to get a certain poster for free that I’ve been wanting for my class room.

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Oh. Oops. missed that part, sorry. Not awake yet, my comprehension is still warming up. :-)

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If it sounds too good to be true… is!

Stay away from credit cards. They have played a big part in the nations bad economy right now.

Either pay cash for your gloves and forget the poster. Definitely forget the credit card.

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@john65pennington Why? Do you think I don’t have the will power to cut it up after I’ve used my free $30?
It isn’t the credit card itself that caused any problems. It’s the people who use them irresponsibly. I had one for years. Paid off the balance every month. Never had any problem at all.

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@Dutchess_III I would only do it if I needed to buy something at Amazon already. If the gloves are something you need then fine. Do you need the poster? Maybe it is better to get a second pair of gloves. I know, I sound like your mom here.

I have no trouble with credit cards and only use them when it is to my advantage to do so.
For example, I needed a wood splitter to replace the 35 year old broken one I had been suffering with for years. Lowe’s offered 10% off a purchase if I opened a credit card, plus 5% discount if made it on the credit card. The splitter was a good price at $1400 (and not made in China). By spending 5 minutes opening the account I saved $210 on a purchase I was going to make anyway. Let’s see…. $210 for 5 minutes = $2520/hour. Almost as much as many of the Wall Street CEOs. I’ll take it.

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@Mom…..I was actually in the process of buying something at Amazon, which is a very rare deal for me, when the offer popped up after I added the gloves to the cart. It indicated that my current purchase, which totaled $9, wouldn’t cost me anything and I’d have a $21 balance. There is a poster I’ve been wanting to get for the class room for several months but…just haven’t because I hate spending money on non-essentials! Silly reason, I know but…anyway. I could have gotten the poster free.

Then I would have gleefully chopped the card up. I’ve taken advantage of a lot of deals like that, and have never gone any further. Pretty much like what you did at Lowes. (I’ll remember that next time I go there with the cash to buy what I need!)

Anyway, the point is moot. They said they couldn’t approve it right away for whatever reason. I know my credit is good. It may be because, after reading that I was giving permission for sales people from Chase to call the number I provide, I gave them our fax number as a home phone, rather than my cell phone, which is the number attached to my account there!

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There are a LOT of lions on this thread!

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