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Does the Red Cross stalk you for your blood?

Asked by fizzbanger (2765points) November 23rd, 2011

I donated last May at a work blood drive. Since then, they have consistently called me twice a day, at random times, from a blocked number. The calls persist, despite telling them several times I will donate when I get a chance, and nicely requesting that they stop blowing up my phone. It’s a mild annoyance that I tolerate since I don’t want to change my number.

Has this happened to anyone else? I’m just curious.

It makes me NOT want to donate blood.

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Oh, I’ve already messed with them, too… like yelling “I have hepatitis!” and hanging up. Sigh.

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You must have blood type O. They loooveee people with blood type O. The universal blood donor
I cannot donate blood so they don’t stalk me. If you have history of cancer you cannot donate blood,

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It sounds like you might have a rare blood type.

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I’m A-....I don’t think that’s particularly common, or maybe it is, who knows. They have never once called me though. I kinda wish they would, since I always forget to give blood.

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They wont accept mine, I used to smoke weed, and the stuff wont be out of my system for another 4 months.

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I am a universal donor and actually worked for the Red Cross at two different times in my life. The first time (before the injunction against the Red Cross), we would receive empty pay envelopes and had to go to the blood bank to get the check, giving them the chance to urgently request our donation (literally, blood money). The second time was during 9–11 and I will never associate with the Red Cross again after I saw, first-hand, how they handled donations.

I choose to support my community in other ways than donating blood (the blood bank end of the business is definitely FOR PROFIT while the chapter side of things is non-profit, hence the injunction). I will never support this organization again!

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It sounds like you have the universal blood type that anyone can receive so they are hounding you to donate more. My brother-in-law is the same and they often contact him too. You must be type O. It is surprising how many people don’t even know their blood type.

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@poisonedantidote What? Run that by me one more time? How are the two related?

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They are secretly a clan of vampires. Watch the fuck out.

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Yep, I’ve got the O-...

They are relentless. I will try to donate directly to a hospital or something in the future. Shortage my ass…

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They call me once every couple of weeks when there is a blood drive. It doesn’t bother me.

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We don’t get paid for donating blood here (am I reading you right @Kayak8 that you do get paid for donating in the US?).

I can’t give blood because I was in the UK prior to 1983 and there is a slight risk of Mad Cow or Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. I have heard of the blood bank calling people in to give blood here but they don’t harass anyone as far as I know. I have never known anyone complain of this here. I would gladly give blood if I could. I think it is such an important thing to do for your community.

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My mother has been received plenty of calls in the past asking for her blood. Now that her phone number is different, I think she’s cautious to hand it out to them again.
(I don’t know offhand what her blood type is.)

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I haven’t given blood for years. I have to take a blood thinner and they don’t want skinny blood.

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