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Some Vampire Questions (True Blood type Vamps)

Asked by christine215 (3173points) August 14th, 2009

Things I’d like to know about Vampires

Thanks to the HBO show, True Blood, it’s now a well known fact that Vampire blood heals… does that mean that vampires could actually CURE people? (example: someone has terminal cancer, but gets put on a regimen of vampire blood to cure the cancer?)
If that were the case, would you accept this treatment? or would your political, religous… etc, views keep you from receiving vampire blood treatments for your illness/disease
Also: we’ve seen that it’s used as a recreational druge, dropped like acid by junkies, BUT if you’re hurt, I’ll heal you without the psychotropic side effect. Does it only have that effect on people not infirmed? Is this a brain chemistry kind of thing?

Vampires drink human blood (or True Blood, it’s synthetic counterpart) to sustain themselves… then what? They’re dead so how is it absorbed into the body? Is it digested? Is there ever any ‘waste’ left over that needs to be excreted?

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I havent ever seen the show, but reading your questions makes me want to know the answers. I’ll have to hire it tomorrow.

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Try reading The Southern Vampire Mysteries series of books by Charlaine Harris. That’s what the HBO show is based on.

I’d expect it to give you more insight into the fictional mythology portrayed in the show.

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Things to know about Vampires:

1. They are not real.
2. See # 1.

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How is it a well known fact that vampire blood heals if vampires themselves are not fact? If it were true and it would cure my terminal disease, I’ll be first in line. But come on, you do realize you are watching fiction, right? See ya…..Gary aka wtf

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities dude, if I could give you a a hundred and one lurve for that, I would.

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I understand they’re not REAL as in real life… my questions are observational and hypothetical, based on the PREMISE that they are real (in the TELEVSION SERIES True Blood)

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In the first season, Sookie had a mild psychotropic effect after Bill’s blood healed her. She saw sparkly things and the colors of the trees and flowers were extra vivid and bright.

We haven’t seen vampire blood cure illnesses, only open wounds.

As for the mechanics of vampire digestion, that’s much more difficult to explain.

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If you have watched the show , the main vamp healed the mind reader girl . :) And V is used as a form of viagra

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Vampires differ according to their lore. In True Blood, I believe vampires can be intoxicated by blood with alcohol/drugs in it and yes, their blood heals, but if it heals cancer I do not know.

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I suppose if it were pertinent to the plot, sure.

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@drdoombot, i forgot about the sparklies… I do remember her having heightened senses, smelling the crumb underneath the piano though

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you’re asking for answers to questions about fictional beings. you should ask the show’s producers or writers if you want real answers.

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I’d just be happy to know how Maryann can be defeated. She’s one crazy bitch!

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@AstroChuck have you figured out exactly WHAT she is yet?

(I’m stumped)

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An immortal of some kind. Something related to a pagan god perhaps.

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I say she’s a god, too. I can’t wait to find out…

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Maryann is a Maenad,, and yes she is one crazy biotch…the last episode with her souffle…phewww crazy stuff.

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She sounds more like a female Dionysus. She’s the one inspiring a state of frenzy.

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@AstroChuck That’s what I originally thought, as well. Food, wine, sex, that sounds like Bacchus to me. But the violence thing doesn’t fit.

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Well in the books there are witches and I think it says somewhere how witches have a certain power over vampires because they are a part of the supernatural or magic. So if I had to guess, I would say that their bodily functions are magical. They are the undead and the force that drives them (magic) needs blood to sustain them. Why? I don’t think that can be explained. As far as curing terminal illnesses goes, I think V (vampire blood) can only cure wounds. I think if the humans in the series knew that it cured terminal illnesses then there would be a bigger issue of keeping vampires to save lives.

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Maryanne is a maenad, which is a follower of Bacchus/Dionysus. If you’ve ever read The Bacchae by Euripides, you know how messed up they are. Whipped up into a frenzy, these women can tear people apart with their bare hands.

Of course, True Blood has altered it a little bit, with Daphne implying that Bacchus is really the Devil, so in effect Maryanne is a worshipper of Satan. Besides, Maryanne isn’t violent or frantic, her party-goers are. If anything, I’d say she’s like Bacchus’ messenger on Earth, carrying out his will and making people worship her master (as opposed to herself).

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If we accept that people are always “dying”, in that our bodies are in a constant state of degeneration, it may be that the effects of the drug V are just symptoms of the vampiric blood healing the human body. Thus, we can theorize that the heightened state humans experience while on the drug is simply what life would be like for us if our senses weren’t dulled by “dying”.

Vampiric blood certainly doesn’t seem to be a magical cure all for every ailment that may plague a human. It has its limitations. Note that when Sookie was injured by the beast in the woods, she still needed a doctor to extract the claw and venom. Vampire blood was only good for closing the wound. Likewise when Bill was poisoned from drinking Maryanne’s blood, he needed to vomit out most of it, and then receive some blood in turn to heal the damage it had done to his insides. I speculate that vampire blood can only speed up the natural healing rate of the body. Perhaps it has enhanced mitochondria.

Because of the vampires’ enhanced state of renewal, I don’t think waste products would be allowed to remain long in the body, because of the “threat” of toxicity. Likely they simply absorb the blood, breaking it down and using it thoroughly. They may use their period of deep slumber during the day to do this. This seems likely, as vampires that do not sleep begin to “break down”, with intense bleeding and pain being key symptoms.

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