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Non Americans: Do you like American football?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) November 23rd, 2011

I was wondering if American football appealed to any non Americans? I was curious because I know the NFL occasionally goes into London. Is the NFL a big deal in your opinion? Is the NFL worth buying a ticket for if it came to your country?

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I am in Australia and I can’t say I have ever seen it televised here. It might be on one of the sports cable channels but I wouldn’t seek it out. It doesn’t really appeal to me.

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I find it far to slow now that I’ve become a fan of Rugby Union, (GO ALL BLACKS!) .

I watch the Superbowl broadcast (we have cable here and they have their own coverage of it where they have to teach the audience how the game is played, which is HILARIOUS! Because of all the US commercial breaks, they have plenty of time to explain the game and then some.) ONLY because the Green Bay Packers are playing.

I would NOT buy a ticket to an NFL game. I would buy a ticket to see the All Blacks. I wish I had seen some of the World Cup games this fall.

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I’m american and I hate football…... blah

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I don’t, overblown, overpaid, padded up, pussies….now i’ll tell you what I really feel! :¬)
Rugby is the only way to go if your going to play with odd shaped balls, it really is.
Having said that, american football beats basketball all day long, now that’s completely tedious.

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I do. It used to be very popular in the UK in the late 80s and early 90s, then it fell out of fashion and we don’t see it any more, except for the Superbowl.

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I don’t like what you guys are saying about football. Not at all.

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I’m American & I do not like foot ball & I definitely do not watch it. I am not a sports enthusiast & that includes foot ball, basket ball, & base ball. The only sporting events that catch my interest are equestrian events.

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It’s pretty big in Canada. Not my thing though, but neither are any sport, anyways. And fuck hockey.

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@cazzie wait til you see Rugby 7s… now that’s fast.

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I used to watch the Hong Kong 7’s when they were on. Awesome.

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My Canadian half likes watching US football.

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It may be harsh but I’ve been in China since I was born for 21 years and I’ve never seen any guys in real life ever played american football…I don;t even know what NFL is until I saw it a couple of times in american tv shows..

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