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What beverage are you drinking on Thanksgiving?

Asked by Mamradpivo (9665points) November 24th, 2011

Personally, I’m enjoying (or at least consuming) a Grolsch Herfst Bok (harvest bockbeer) tonight, while watching the live broadcast of the Packers/Lions game. What are you sharing today?

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Sparkling cider.

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Dos Equis.

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Eggnog with a sprinkling of cardamom (instead of nutmeg).

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Spiced Apple Cider with red hot candies all up in dat bidness!

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Iced tea. It’s really warm here.

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Sweet red wine

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Well, i’m drinking pepsi, but my family is drinking coquito, Puerto Rican eggnog spiked with half a bottle of rum. it’s okay. We’re not driving anywhere

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Vodka. I need it to deal with the lunatics I’ve been around all day.

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Dr. Pepper, lol. :P

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a variety of wines and . . .

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Nothing special for me. Just my usual orange juice in a 1:3 dilution with vodka (I mean water).

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Eggnog spiked with Old Barton bourbon. Half a glass of eggnog and half a glass of Old Barton.

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I had a glass of water and big glass of orange juice with my meal, and coffee x2 with dessert.
Now I have to pee.

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Well, we had white wine with dinner, champagne with dessert (it was the birthday of one of my guests_ and now everyone’s gone home after a lovely dinner, and I guess another glass of wine with the clean up seems to be in order.

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Presently drinking the turkey gravy. It’s that good really!

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White Merlot

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After dinner at Mom’s I enjoyed a nice cup of Toasted Coconut coffee. No wine as I had to drive 100 miles to get home.:-).
Now I’m home and enjoying a nice glass of Lemoncello. Ahhh!

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We had sparkling Cider with dinner, and I’m now sitting and resting with a glass of red wine. I didn’t look at the label, but it tastes great.

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My mom and I had water, my husband diet coke, and my dad some red wine.

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Water, because I always get sick on the holidays. >:(

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ice tea and then Sprite zeros….........

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I had a strawberry margarita and my wife had a strawberry colada.

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