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Are there ear plugs for dogs?

Asked by pixiequeen12 (137points) May 15th, 2008

My (very fragile) waterdog has developed hip dysplasia, and he can only be operated on if he loses ten pounds. But of course, it’s very difficult for him to lose ten pounds when he can’t walk. I want him to work it off in our pool, but he also gets terrible ear infections. Who’s got an idea? Ear plugs?

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I don’t think you’re going to find any earplugs that are going to be an adequate water barrier. My recommendation would be to use a high quality ear cleaner after each trip to the pool. Some cleaners are labeled as having a “drying action” (not sure what that would be), but any high quality cleaner should work. Just squirt a generous amount into ear ear, massage at the base of the ear for the nice squishy sound, and then let the dog shake his head (no need to use cotton or q-tips).

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Put a few drops of mineral oil before each swim into each ear as a deterant. Not fool-proof, but should help. What breed is he?

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[Tangentially related]:

Won’t help with the ears at all, but if anyone’s looking for eye protection, I suggest Doggles.

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He’s a Portuguese Water Dog… It’s pretty funny, actually (if you’re a sadistic sort of person, I guess), that the water causes him such issues. Our vet has also recommended just using ear cleaner afterwards… I hope it works!!!

McBealer—I might as well also try some mineral oil before as well, right?

Do you guys think the combination would be overkill?

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Good God, man, hip dysplasia, ear infections, lame, is there anything else? I guess I understand, though, because I’ve got a deformed female guppy with a HUGE lower lip. I’m going to breed it. If all succeeds, I’ll sell them to the Pet Shop as “Lip Guppys”.

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ear muffs (o:

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Baby sized rubber Bathing Cap!

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suprisingly enough yes there are. I’m a vet in trainingband I’m working at a very ritzy vet clinic. So far ive met a woman who wanted to give her dog botox and lipo, a man who wanted to make memory foam slippers for his dog (custom fit) and an insane lady who believes he dogs is allergic to meat and wants to feed him a diet consisting of lettuce. Anyway their expensive and not full proof they have to be shaped to the individual dogs ear and the dogs ive seen with them hate them.
You can buy them at a store in California that starts out with a consultation that cost about 300 dollars. So if in the mood to spend a good 700 dollars then search luxury show animal clinic in sanfransisco CA. Good luck!

can buy them at to

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yes there is. This will come a bit late but i have a golden that has recovered from dysplasia surgery and goes swimming to stay in shape. Ear infections were rampant. Try this, go to It’s a headband dogs can wear to keep water out while they swim. It’s awesome.

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