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How was everyones Thanksgiving?

Asked by Tizoxic (153points) November 25th, 2011

How did everyones Thanksgiving dinner go yesterday?

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Wonderful. This was the first year we didn’t have guests at our table but that’s because the usual suspects were already at our wedding a few weeks before. We set our table for our immediate household and were happy to talk about friends, family and a few toasts.

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Mine was pretty great, thanks!

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Urrrp! Terrific!

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I’ve only one thing to complain about. The 49ers loss. And that doesn’t really mean anything so yeah… it was a great time, and great food and… hmmm… leftovers….!!

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Not too bad. I don’t like holidays, and I’ve never been fond of Thanksgiving, but this year it was just my mother and I. I actually helped to cook and surprisingly didn’t set anything on fire, and everything tasted pretty good. Very healthy, too; lots of vegetables and a bit of pasta and bread. Plenty of leftovers too. Cheap red wine doesn’t hurt either, and the weather was surprisingly pleasant.

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English here, so didn’t get one… was thinking of you all though, and wishing I was over there too :-)

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The dinner itself was good; we had a smaller gathering than last year, and I liked that, but Thanksgiving morning I woke up sick and now it’s even worse and I feel like shit… :(

Still, Thanksgiving itself went well :)

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@DominicX Sorry that you are sick!

We had a good dinner and a fun day.

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Pretty good considering the circumstances.

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@janbb That’s good to hear… I’m glad.

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We had a very nice dinner, with the usual mistakes, such as soggy stuffing.

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Okay, I’ll bite. I’m currently separated (geographically, anyway) from my wife and family. So I baked a frozen pizza and had a few beers here in cold Holland while they all enjoyed a proper Turkey feast.

Were I to list my Thanksgivings, this was far from the worst! There was no quarreling, nobody who drank too much and nothing said that can’t be taken back.

Thanksgiving has always been a love/hate holiday for me. I love the idea of 4 days of family bonding, but I’ve always hated the reality of it (at least in my family). It’s kinda nice to be removed from all of that this year.

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I got sick on Wednesday night. Still sick. :/

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Enjoyed getting together the day after Thanksgiving, but the day of we’re pretty separated due to different ideologies. How does that saying go, “God grant me the power to change what I can, accept what I cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference” I can not change what is, and just have to enjoy inspite of, which I did! Those grandkids are something else!!

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