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Will we ever see an end to the Reality TV trend? What will replace it?

Asked by zensky (13357points) November 25th, 2011
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A stronger entertainment economy will replace it. “Reality” shows cost less to produce than scripted television.

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I doubt it, I mean at some point in time something is gonna have to replace it. But, so many people are watchiing shows like: “Jersey Shore” and other Reality TV shows. But give it time, something else will take over.

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People going out and living their own lives. Its called reality.

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We can only hope. Reality tv is terrible. Just terrible.

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TV will be replaced by people doing their own thing.

When was the last time you watched TV for more than 200 minutes at a stretch?

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I’m afraid I don’t hold out much hope for the entertainment industry. Reality tv is cheap, and apparently lots of (apparently brain-dead) people watch it.

I was just watching an old clip from The West Wing. I loved that show – smart, current, witty writing.

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No, and to make matters even worse, CGI cartoons are going take over programming that currently has real people.

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It will end when people stop watching them.
We can hope.

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The demand to trash TV seems to be unrelenting. Until intelligent, discriminating people tune the crap out in favour of scripted, well written dramas and comedies, the cheap and lazy producers of “reality TV” will continue to generate this garbage.

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Good question. Wish I have the answer. I feel this is the perfect time for an alien civilization to introduce itself to humans so we could check their TV shows out. Lol.

To go where no reality TV loving stupid human brain has gone before!

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Desperate Scousewives is the newest in a string of reality soaps to hit the screens here in the UK following The Only Way Is Essex and Made In Chelsea. It’s definitely getting old!

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I’d fear for my sanity if I ever accidently stumbled across any of the shows @Leanne1986 just cited.
Be afraid, be very, very afraid :¬(

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I hope it gets replaced. Because jumping off trucks and digging out goat testicles from vats of maggots with your mouth sounds so sophisticated.

Fear Factor counts, right? (at least, when it comes to levels of retardation) There’s some French ones, or were…I never hear anyone talking about them anymore. But some years back, there was a popular one, and the person that won on one season, got their homemade spaghetti sauce sold as an actual item in grocery stores.

You know, because they won. Not cuz the sauce was any good. It was prolly just normal sauce. It’s like if I accepted to own a jar full of Stephen King’s fecal matter, just because I like his work. Which by many is considered fecal matter. I love his shit, but I don’t want his actual shit.

So what’s gonna replace reality TV? Well, I thought it was dead already, but I don’t have cable anymore, so I guess I’m not up to date.

Whatever it is though…I don’t even wanna imagine lol. TV should have stopped at Fresh Prince, or to a lesser extent, Mummies Alive.

Needless to say, Xena deserves to be immortal. (oh shit, in one of the episodes, we find out she is LAWLZ)

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