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Was it just a matter of time before our cellphones were hit by hackers?

Asked by john65pennington (29263points) November 27th, 2011

AT&T is facing comprimising situations with hackers and their cellphone service to its customers and to business associates abroad. To date, some $2 million dollars have been diverted from business and customer’s accounts to militant groups associated with Pakistan. AT&T has had to absorb these loses. Question: are hackers just targeting AT&T or have the other cellphone carriers suffered similar tactics and loses and have not told the public or their customers? And, is this becoming a serious situation that we should be concerned about?

Source: Yahoo News

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Of course! But if you think that’s bad, just wait until there’s a direct computer-to-brain interface and people start hacking THAT! One morning you’ll wake up naked and sore in a strange bed, the victim of “brain-hacking!” Mwahahaha! : D

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I’m not concerned because I do not have a cell phone. lol
I get little reception out here, so, for me, it’s a waste of money and besides, I like being incognito. Catch me if you can! ;-)

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You may as well have asked the question: “Are there vindictive, assholes in this world?”

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It’s interesting to hear about cell phone hacking in the form of diverting money to militant groups in Pakistan.

However, people have been hacking all kinds of phones for decades. I’m a little surprised there has not been more (or, more publicly known) meddling with cell phones. One of my favorites is the device that jams use of cell phones around the user. I think that’s a fun one, especially considering how dependent people have become on having cell access.

Cell phone companies have been exploiting customers and tormenting them with minute plans and other nonsense too much for too long. I think they deserve to be abused back.

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yea, smartphones are basically computers, so hacking, I’m sure just got easier on phones!

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There is a security hole that allows certain models of insulin pumps to be hacked as well. And if you get within a couple of miles of DEF CON then anything and everything with any sort of connectivity (especially wireless, like phones or wifi-equipped laptops) can and will be hacked just because it can be.

I have known about this sort of thing for decades. But, like many other things, it wasn’t well-known until a little media coverage hit, so people are acting like it is something new when, in fact, it has always been that way. Granted, it wasn’t as big a problem when only a few people had cellphones, but now that about half the population has one, it is sudden;y worth mentioning.

@CaptainHarley Psychotropic Black IC will do just that… though most Black IC goes the simpler route of inducing lethal biofeedback and either frying your brain or stopping your heart.

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