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Can you help me understand the rules of stock photo usage?

Asked by RedPowerLady (12576points) November 27th, 2011

I am working on a project where I’d like to use stock photos. I am however confused about what is and is not allowed. What types of usage are allowed and when/how to refer to author.

My project has no real name that I know of. I want to create some cards that have tips on them. For example say my topic was food (it is not) I’d have one card for carrots and on the back would be nutritional/medicinal uses and a tasty recipe, another for apples etc. Then I’d get a stock photo of carrots for the front of the card to make it more appealing. The photos will contribute to sale because it makes them beautiful.

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I don’t know the answer specific to this use, but I do know that for logos or art the will be resold (this counds like your category) special licensing is required and most agencies make this readily available. If in doubt, contact the agency’s customer service people for a clear reading on what license is required for this use. Or consider getting a good digital camera and taking a picture of some carrots.

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I have no idea about stock photos, a bad way to start an answer about stock photos I know, however I do have some relevant info for you.

I used to use public domain photos, that can be used as you please, you can even sell them. The thing you have to be careful about is photos that show people. If a photo you use shows a person, that person can claim a modeling fee from you even if it is a public domain photo.

I hope that helps a little, if you don’t get any better ansers I suggest looking on stock photo sites for information.

Be very careful, the world of copyright get more and more complicated by the day.

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Here’s a pretty good guide to licensing stock photographs..

I think the best information you can get is from the stock photo company who owns the rights to the image or images you want to use. Find the images you want to use and then contact the stock photo company and ask them what rights your license to use the photograph includes.

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Each service has it own rules.

Here is a quote from one “free” one “We also provide special licenses for multi-user accounts, print runs exceeding 250,000, and merchandise and media uses.”

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It all depends on the rules of the site where you buy the photos. Most photo sites sell “royalty free” photos, which means that you pay one price to download the photo, then you can use it any way you want (except re-sell it). Some sites are more restrictive (like you can use the photo only for non-commercial purposes, or only on one site [if you want to use the photo on a different domain, you have to pay again]) and some are less so. Again, just read the site’s policy when you buy the photo.

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Thanks for all the responses. More complicated process than I want, but then again what isn’t? ;-)

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@poisonedantidote special thanks, that is looking much more promising

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@RedPowerLady If entrepreneurship was easy, we’d all be in Bill Gates’ shoes.

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