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Caught a cold, experienced memory-loss and vomited blood, in that order, in a short period of time. what could be wrong?

Asked by chloejfisher (44points) November 28th, 2011

yesterday morning, I started to feel sick like I had a cold and in the evening, I knew that I had come down with something. I felt sick this morning, but I didn’t have a fever, so I went to school. I got through most of my first period, but had to go to the school clinic and take some DayQuil.
the next thing I remember after first period is throwing up in the bathroom, with no memory of going there. when I looked at the time and it was almost eleven o’clock, which is the time that third period ends. I had apparently been to second and third period and I actually have some notes and an assignment that I did during those periods.
I went back to the nurse and rested on a cot for about a half-hour and then decided that I didn’t want to stay at school. while I waited for my mother to pick me up, I threw up a couple of times and when I got home, I threw up blood.
I made a doctor’s appointment and it’s in about two hours, but I’m wondering if I should go to the ER…
any help would be much appreciated.

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Whoa, get yourself to the ER pronto.

I have no idea what this might be but these are some scary symptoms.

Good luck!

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keep in mind that I couldn’t have blacked out because of blood-loss because I didn’t start throwing up until after I had blacked out..

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ER time as @Mariah stated. Anytime there is blood in your urine, stool, vomit it is time to see someone right away.

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@chloejfisher Blacking out for any unknown reason is serious, and yes it could have been from blood loss because you don’t know how long that blood was in your digestive tract before you threw up.

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You would probably wait more than 2 hours in ER. Your better bet would be to go to
Your doctors appointment a little early.

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oh, good points.
would I really have to wait long in the ER?

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@chloejfisher You might. You could go to an urgent care clinic.

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It depends; they prioritize patients based on severity of symptoms so unless there’s a lot of people there with worse symptoms you’d probably be one of the first. But as a general rule, everything moves very slowly at ERs. I dunno, two hours isn’t too long before you see your doctor but if you think you’re in immediate danger I’d say get yourself to an ER.

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my mom keeps telling me to go to sleep until my appointment.
I feel like my doctor would tell me if she thought that I should go to the ER… wouldn’t she have to?

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She probably was just thinking along the same lines as @Judi.

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I think I’m going to sleep. I haven’t eaten today, so I can’t have that much more in my stomach to throw up… unless you think I should eat something?

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I don’t know what to advise you to do there. I’ll bet you’ll be fine if you sleep for a couple hours and then go see the doctor though. Good luck with everything, come back and let us know if you’re okay!

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thanks, y’all. <3

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If the doctor sends you to the ER you will get taken care of much faster than if you go yourself. Wait and see the doctor.

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Glad you’re seeing a doctor pronto. In hospital emergency rooms they have access to more than a general practitioner, so sometimes you’re better off going to the hospital or a convenient care center associated with the hospital. The important thing is you’ll be seen by a doctor soon. Sometimes, when someones blood pressure goes up, fast and high, one may experience transient global amnesia. It doesn’t last long. That happened to me, but there was no danger. Did the nurse take your blood pressure? In any case, the important thing is you’ll be taken care of by a physician very soon. Let us know how you’re doing.

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Dang, this doesn’t sound good, and if you were my daughter I would be running you to the E.R.

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How much blood did you vomit? If it was more than an egg cup full I would go to ER now. If you have been vomiting violently during the day then the probable cause of the blood is a small tear in the bottom of the oesphagus called a mallory wiess tear. They normally heal by themselves without any intervention but it is possible to lose quite a bit of blood before that happens.

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Could be a horrible case of food poisoning…. please let us know you’re ok!

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Just as a side note, sometimes taking strong medications (not sure if dayquill is strong or not but it seems to work well so it probably is) on an empty stomach can be big trouble. That alone can make me extremely nauseous sometimes.

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Must have gone to the doctor by now. Please let us know what they said!

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Yes, we are waiting to hear!

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I hope everything’s alright with chloejfisher. But then again, she hasn’t really been on the site for any length of time, may feel fine but not inclined to write.

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I’m alright!

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@chloejfisher What was wrong with you?

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