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What are the best home remedies for fighting off a cold?

Asked by chevelle (53points) February 4th, 2009

Please help! I’m feeling a cold coming on…

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Chicken broth – you decide on veggies, noodles, chicken, etc. – with LOTS of garlic…and it needs to be actual garlic (chopped garlic works just fine) not the powder or salt. Vitamin C is a good idea too…straight up oranges and the like are best (not juice).

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I use Emergen-C. if I take quick enough it shortens and tones down the intensity of my colds. I also take it just before and immediately after airplane flights. Stops me getting sick usually.

Feel better.

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Chicken soup. 10,000 Jewish mothers can’t be wrong!!!

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One shot fresh lime juice and one shot fresh ginger root juice. Grate the ginger root and place the pulp in a cheese cloth or similar to squeeze out the juice about a shot worth. Mix the two together and drink it all at once. It will burn a little, but it should clear you right up.

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Drink plenty of water and fruit juices.. Stay in a dust clean, well ventilated place..

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Take small amount ginger (little pieces)+1 tablespoon of butter+ pepper (little amount)

Put these in a small vessel and heat them on a stove(full burner) for about 5 minutes. Do stir this mixture. After cooling down, you would have to chew this (This will not taste that bad since you have fried it). This will create warmth and you can get rid of cold.

Get back to me if you find this useful!

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Diet Mt. Dew!
Great symptomatic relief during the day.

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Herbs – Reishi, Shitake, Elderberry, Echinacea, Rose hips, juniper, hibiscus, crushed and steeped in a tea (elderberry, juniper, hibiscus and rose hips are delicious, and cover up the stronger, more acquired flavors of reishi and shitake.)

Supplements – Zinc, selenium, ascorbic acid

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Zinc, vitamin C and sunshine! Lots of sunshine.

If you are braver, get a saline water spray bottle and hose out your sinuses in the morning, evening, or whenever they get clogged. Once you get used to the experience, you will not go back! This has turned around several “colds”, which I suspect were really sinus infections.

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Zycam and a netti pot.

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mmmm netti pot! There’s nothing better than pouring water up your nose.

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