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What would it be like to watch a movie in 4D?

Asked by Brian1946 (27624points) November 29th, 2011

I think time is considered to be the fourth dimension, so e.g., would a 4D movie temporally transport the audience to the time in which it is set?

What you do if you were transported back to Shakespeare or the dinosaurs?

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I bet they’ll still manage to fuckup any Back to the Future remakes which may be planned.

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But the Star Wars remakes would be pretty cool.

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They already make “4D” “movies”, but not this kind. I don’t really see the point in transporting the person back in time. The movie itself does not change depending of when it is watched. If you take the movie out of it, you would end up with a time machine, and the question becomes “what would you do with a time machine?”

So here is what I would do.
1. Go to Walmart and purchase some nutmeg.
2. Travel back in time to when nutmeg was worth its weight in gold.
3. Trade it for gold.
4. Take the gold to the present when gold is worth $1700 an ounce.
5. Sell it at $1700 an ounce.
6. Repeat until rich enough.

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You can smell it!

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Here I was thinking that the 4th dimension in movies might be smell and I was really looking forward to watching Julie and Julia again, with smello-vision.

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Comment removed by idiot user because she failed, once again, to actually read the question and the details.

User may try again later. :-)

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Smell-O-Vision. The new dimension in to high definition!!!!
You can add it to your cable bill for only $400 a month.

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It would be great. On your way in you could meet yourself on your way out.

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