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What is your favorite aftershave and why (especially when it comes to scent)

Asked by peterpiers (56points) November 30th, 2011

My girlfriend doesn’t really like the smell of my Old Spice aftershave, and I don’t really care what it smells like as long as she likes it (and it doesn’t overwhelm my head with fumes).

Do you use anything that you (or your gf) really like? I’m trying to find things that are sold in places at the mall/drugstores so I can test them out first, so nothing too fancy.

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Both my wife and I find most perfumes/aftershaves to be somewhat off putting. We would far rather smell like humans. No, I am not talking about offensive body odor, just our own natural pheromones. A daily application of soap is generally all that is required.

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I love the cologne called Safari by Ralph Lauren.

If that’s too fancy, I bought a scent from my teenage step son. It’s made by the sportswear company Puma and it’s called ‘Man’. It’s a nice clean scent.

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I actually don’t like the smell of aftershave. I like a man’s natural scent.

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Old Spice. Which, I suppose isn’t especially helpful to you.

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Safari, Old Spice and that dark green stuff my Mennen?

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@Aster do you mean Brut?

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In my opinion a lot of the aftershaves that are sold are pretty nasty and all smell very similar. They tend to remind me of those cheap body sprays teenage boys douse themselves with under the impression that the stronger they smell the more girls we like them. So here is rule number 1 – people shouldn’t be able to smell your aftershave until they are close to you. If they can smell you coming thats BAD. The scents I tend to go for are those like Geo F Trumpers shaving creams and aftershaves in particular Ajaccio Violets Cologne (which is a lot more masculine than the name suggests) and West Indian Limes which very fresh and unlike anything you’ll find in your average department store. I also quite like Penhaligons Blenheim Bouquet which they’ve been making since 1902. All these fragrances tend to be quite light and fresh but the main reason I like them is they all remind me of my fathers old fashioned gentlemans barbers shop with the full on wet shave with hot towels and a straight razor.

At the moment during the day I tend to wear Jo Malone Amber and Lavender and in the evening I combine the Amber and Lavender with Jo Malone Pomegrante Noir. Unfortunately Jo Malone is at the err… fancy end of the market but if you want to be continuously complemented by random women in the street on how nice you smell then they do work pretty well.

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@cazzie No; the dark blue drugstore stuff . Not Brut.

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All depends on how old you are:
Old spice I would say is for men who are 50+ – it reminds me of my dad a bit.
I love Davidoff fragrances for 20 and 30 something year olds.
jean paul gautier or joop for late teens probably.
lynx for early teens
I don’t know about 40somethings I don’t know many people that age if I’m honest.
Different scents are designed for different age groups though. They are designed to attract people at different stages in their life I think.

Overall though I love the scent of the mens Nivea moisturiser, just a nice clean man with not too much perfume and nice soft skin is what I think is best.

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Beckham’s new colonge is ok. (My girl’s a soccer fan)

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The smell of any kind of aftershave gives me a headache.

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Cologns, perfumes and aftershaves give me headaches, too. I wish people wouldn’t wear them. I prefer the natural smells of people. It’s really kind of disgusting when someone is trying to cover over a bad natural smell with an overly strong artificial scent.

It is really difficult being in an office or an elevator with someone wearing all kinds of scent.

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I’m not into very strong or perfumy scents though I don’t really use aftershave. I am picky about the cologne I use though. True (by American Eagle) has a nice fresh mild scent to it so right now that is what I use but after time I get bored and try something new.

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Nivea. It has a nice, clean scent.

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Roberto Cavalli. I always make sure my boyfriend has a bottle!

I also like Kuros because it reminds me of my dad!

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ENGLISH LEATHER is in the drugstores and I like it.

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