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How long does perfume usually last ?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) January 26th, 2012

I have a Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb perfume that I’ve had for almost 4 years…. I didn’t wear much of it so I still have a lot of it left in the bottle. My question is does the scent stay the same? Does the scent change?

It smells pretty good, and about the same as when I purchased it. I can’t really tell though the difference.Does anyone know?

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A chemical usually changes odor either because bacteria consume it, or it oxidizes (combines with oxygen) to become a different chemical. Perfume probably doesn’t appeal to most bacteria so it won’t change that way. And if it’s kept in a sealed container, it will take a very long time to oxidize or won’t oxidize at all. I imagine your perfume will remain sweet-smelling for quite a long time :-)

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As long as you and anyone you are wearing it for like it, it doesn’t matter what the rest of us think about how it smells.

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It’s oils and alcohol. The oils stay the same, and if you keep the cap on tight, the alcohol stays in the bottle. Like Scotch or vodka.

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I don’t think they change, you can have them for years and they seem to stay the same. How many things ordinary everyday things can you say that about?

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Oils spoil, especially if not stored properly (exposed to light, air-etc). Perfume can last years if it’s mostly alcohol based. If it’s mainly oil based, not as long.

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