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Do you enjoy bubble-gum?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5957points) December 2nd, 2011

I totally love bubble gum. There have been days where I just chew and chew, like today! It was my weekend goal.

Do you chew?

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I love any kind of gum. I’m a smoker and a recovered nail biter, I think I just have an oral fixation. Chewing gum tends to satiate that urge, for me.

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Not anymore. Grew up eating Bazooka Joe, had so much of it in my life time I don’t think I’ll ever crave it again. Hmm on the other hand I love Big Red the soda kind of bubble gum flavored.

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I haven’t chewed gum since my late teens. I’m a Tic-Tac kind of gal.

Chewing gum hurts my jaw and reminds me of the days I dropped acid. don’t want to go there again

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It was my weekend goal.


I don’t chew bubble gum. I enjoy sugarless non-bubble gum. Is there sugarless bubble gum?

I have always had lots of problems with cavities

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I chew everything; gum, bubble or not, pencils, my nails, my toungue if I have nothing else.
I’m a compulsive chewer.

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No, it tends to make my jaws hurt.

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I think it blows!


I usually hate sweets, but I don’t mind bubble gum. But it has to be a certain brand. I like “Dubble Bubble”, but only the original in the white or pink wrappers. The Dubble Bubble they make nowadays (in the yellow wrapper) taste different from the original. It’s not as good as the original.

I hate Hubba Bubba and gumballs that dispense out of a candy machine.

One kind of bubble gum I used to love, but they don’t make it anymore, is “Black Cat” bubble gum, a black licorice flavored bubble gum. I wonder if anyone else remembers Black Cat bubble gum?

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No. I’m not a gum chewer. I don’t like having the same thing in my mouth for that long, chewing what is essentially a piece of plastic, over and over. It is basically made out of natural or synthetic rubber. I just don’t like the stuff. But if I did chew gum I would probably chew bubble gum. It seems kind of fun when I have and it seems like there might at least be some point to it.

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@TheIntern55 Dude, you’re pretty hardcore lol.

I don’t like gum of any kind, it makes my stomach feel weird if I chew it long enough, and I don’t enjoy recycling my saliva. But I actually chew a lot of gum, because I work with customers, and don’t want to bother them with my nasty smoker’s breath. I do like what most gum tastes like for the first thirty seconds of chewing it, but otherwise, eh.

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I chewed a ton of bubble gum in my youth. I thought the most flavorful was a brand called, I think, Golden Nugget. It was these little gold nuggets of gum that came in a drawstring bag. i can remember the rush of sugar from that stuff. And it wasn’t real hard on the teeth. Sadly, it lost flavor rather quickly. Bazooka was my hands down fave because of the flavor and how long it lasted plus you got a comic. I used to save up the comics and redeem them in for junk toys. I still chew on occasion, but usually some shitty sugarless brand.

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I never got this chew gum & look cool thing. I mean, it’s like watching a herd of cows chew down on crud.
I used to to buy the stuff just to blow big arse bubbles, not anymore though.

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i am basically addicted to gum. I chew like almost 24/7 and like all flavours except big red. i especially love 5 gum mentos tropic blast and orbit piƱacolda :).

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No, I get a headache after a while.

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Nope, most of it contains a weak laxative called sorbitol. So don’t need.

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I not only don’t chew gum, I find I have a negative impression of people who do. (It’s called prejudice, I know, and I try to not let it color my view of the reality of the person.) If an actress wants to looks stupid and cheap in a role, she chews gum, preferably with her mouth open. I don’t want to look like that, thank you. I also don’t care for the flavor.
The school at which I taught, had a rule against chewing gum. I told my students they could chew gum, but if I heard it, saw it, or smelled it, it went in the basket. That worked for all of us.

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It loses its flavour way to fast, however, the audio/visual impact of bubble gum is second to none. So chew fast and carry and open window or a tissue with you.

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