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Sneezing and gum?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) September 11th, 2008

Gross but sorry… If I sneeze and I have gum in my mouth what would the gum be? Would it have germs on it or what happens to it?

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If it’s in your mouth, it’s got germs on it.

If you haven’t shoved it between your gums or your teeth, I’d wager it would be on the back of the poor sap standing in front of you.

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It already has germs on it if it’s in your mouth

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Thanks. Just wondering… but I mean like would it have snot on it?

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Depends on what kind of sneezer you are. Are your post nasal passages all whack crazy backed up or reversed? Are you a phlegm cannon when you normally sneeze?

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@swmming; you need some hobbies, soonest.

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Mmmmm. I don’t know but can I have the gum when you’re done with it?

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The gum would have germs on it, long before you sneezed. As soon as you put it in your mouth and chew, germs have attatched to it. A humans mouth is full of bacteria, no matter how much you brush your teeth and use mouth wash. Bacteria will still be there.

So whether you sneeze or not, your gum has already got bacteria on it, just from putting it in your mouth.

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AstroChuck. sure… If you really want it.

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Yummm. Looks as though there might be a little blood in it. Bonus!

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I see that… now. Well right before I chewed it I flossed and my gums were bleeding. Yeah, sure, Lets go with that.

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@gail I do have a few… sneezing chewing gum, sneezing while chewing gum, and being on fluther. haha

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