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Do you have a Keurig, and if so, do you love it?

Asked by jca (36043points) December 2nd, 2011

I am tossing around the idea of buying a Keurig coffee maker. It’s an expensive proposition, because it will be just for work (at home, I drink tea). The one I’m looking at is from Costco, $149 includes the “blank” and 60 k-cups. I know I can buy a single serve model for about $99 from most stores, but the “blank” and the k-cups plus the better model might be worth the extra with the Costco one.

I know I can also buy a regular coffee maker (in fact I have one or two to spare already) for about $20, but maybe not so convenient.

Do you have a Keurig, and if so, do you love it?

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I have one, and it is just fine. I keep it in my office at work, and it is handy for making nice fresh cups of coffee right at my desk. The one thing that I love about it is the “My K-Cup”, which allows you to use your own coffee grounds (instead of the pre-packaged limited variety options that they sell for the machines). That is really handy, and cheaper than the K-cups.

I don’t think the coffee tastes any better (or worse, for that matter) than a traditional drip brewer, so if you don’t want to spend the big bucks on the Keurig (and then all the little cups), a drip brewer is just as good.

However, having said that, I think I like the gimmick of the machine more than anything. I come into work in the morning, put my water in, load my coffee k-cup, push down the lever (like a coffee slot machine!) and presto! Fresh coffee!

So, long story short, I like my Keurig (it is fun, it is easy, no clean-up and tastes fine), but I don’t think it is any better than my drip pot I use at home.

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My neighbor received one as a gift, used it for a little while and decided it was a big waste of money and counter top space. The individual flavor cups were expensive compared with a one pound can of ground coffee. Also each cup generates a plastic and metallic piece of trash that cannot be recycled. You have to order the cups online and have them delivered or buy boxes that have a lot of wrapping so they do not get crushed in transit. So much waste.
Every cup needs to be fiddled with. The time it takes to make one cup is just about the time it takes to set up the grounds and filter to make 10 on a conventional brewer.
We figured this is an example of why people in other, less fortunate countries hate us. There are people are walking miles to a well so they can carry jugs of water back to their families,. while we are spending money on this nonsense. Do you really need a mocha chai decaf to get you going in the morning? Ridiculous.

To anyone who has one already – I apologize. I know it is the best cup of coffee you ever had and it will continue to be until next year when Keurig comes out with the Caffinator II that will make an even better cup.

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We’ve had a Keurig for the past three years, and it was quite handy to have around. It was received as a gift, and came with a few packs of the flavor cups (which we still haven’t used). As @Les mentioned, it has a cup that you can put your own coffee grounds in, so that you don’t need to buy the individual cups, ever. The little cups seem like a huge waste of money. I’m not a big fan of coffee, but since you can take out the filter, you could use it to get a quick piping hot cup of tea, or hot chocolate.

Our Keurig has slowed it’s coffee making speed to that of a standard brewer, since we failed to notice the manual mentioning that it needed to be flushed out with vinegar every six months or so, and hadn’t done it ever for those three years. We tried flushing it with a full tank of vinegar twice, with no signs of improvement. Too little, too late.

@worriedguy It doesn’t need the little wasteful cups to be used, standard canned coffee worked fine for us. I personally don’t care, since I don’t drink coffee at all, let alone these new, caramel whipped cream chocolate mousse hazelnut varieties that seem more like a dessert than a morning pick me up. But, assuming that someone who happens to use one thinks it makes the best coffee ever seems a little rude. Adding that they’ll buy the next years model as though they’re some Keurig fan boy/girl is a bit unnecessary as well.

I don’t assume every person I see with an iPhone or iPod it going to buy the next model, although I dread it sometimes when that seems that it may be the case

I also don’t know which model your neighbor had, but if you or your neighbor took that long to make a single cup of coffee with it, I honestly don’t think it was the brewer’s fault (just saying).

Overall, @jca, it’s a personal call. It is handy, but I don’t think it’s really worth the money when a twenty dollar brewer will do the same job, while costing a fraction of the price.

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@Prosb Thanks for the input. I know some people like/love it. I do not know what model it was. The problem was 4 of us were over for dinner and dessert. The unit made one cup at a time and there was no refilling. In a conventional/cheap brewer, you make a pot and pour for everyone. About ⅔ of the way through dessert you ask “Does anyone want refills?” and you bring out the carafe and top everyone off.. The Keurig made one cup at a time and she was running back and forth between cups to make the next one.and the next. Then we went into the kitchen to make our choices. “I’ll have the pumpkin hazelnut, please.” It was a more effort and kept the hostess running for something none of us really needed.
I guess we are not connoisseurs.
Maybe there is away to have the Keurig make a pot of something. Based on the size of the thing it ought to. I don’t know.
Honestly, I still prefer Dunkin D. coffee and the way it makes my kitchen smell when it is brewed in my small, cheap dripper.

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We had two Keurigs. I love, love, love my Keurig. I haven’t found any difference in the price of the cases (80 K-cups) we buy which is one downfall. I can’t find the coffee on sale either. It is always the same price which makes it about fifty cents a cup.

The first was purchased for my husband to keep in his office. After about two weeks, he bought one for our home. When he retired, I put the one from his office in the box and put it away. Well, the one we were using got stopped up and wouldn’t allow water to come through the little K-cup. I read about how to troubleshoot it and nothing worked. In my research I discovered that the grounds stopping up the little tube is common complaint.

We were moving fulltime to our home in Florida and when we finally got settled, I took the broken Keurig back to Sam’s Club (after six months) and got my money back. We use our other Keurig every day and it hasn’t stopped working like the first one.

I just bought a package of hot cocoa and another package of apple cider for the holidays. My husband brewed the hot apple cider and made some rum toddies the other night and it was really nice and convenient. I keep a small package of decaf and a few other flavored coffees for guests. I’d recommend a Keurig but I’d emphasis that you need to check the price of the K-cups in your area to see if it is affordable based on your coffee drinking habits.

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I have one. I like it but don’t love it. It is already slightly stopped up and the K Cups , in decaf anyway, are not strong enough for me. I went on youtube and this guy used an electric toothbrush in the hole under the water tank and it seems to have fixed the slowing down of the water dripping. It was getting ready to fill just half of the cup. Mine doesn’t take up much room , though.
@worriedguy I want to thank you again for your Hickory Farms suggestion or whatever it was for my son in law’s present.

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I have had a Keurig for two years and we use it all of the time. Only my wife and I drink coffee in the house and it seems wasteful to brew a full pot of coffee and throw most of it down the drain.
Another advantage for the Keurig is that we have different tastes in coffee: I like the dark roasts and what Keurig calls “bold” brews and my wife likes either a lighter coffee or some of the flavored coffees like hazelnut. So we each get what we want.
The only other thing is that my wife leaves for work just before 7 and fills her travel cup from the Keurig at that time. My morning starts much later and this way I don’t have to use a pot of coffee that is 90 or 120 minutes old when I eat my breakfast.

The K-cups are pricey, yes. But we do like the variety.


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@Aster I know a few people who have had difficulty with the dripping starting to slow. It might sound weird but the one person used to shake the machine upside down and it would work fine again for a long while (lol), another friend of mine encountered the same issue repeatedly and keurig sent her a brand new machine for free. Hasn’t had the problem since.. it seems they may be making efforts to decrease this from happening.

@jca I personally love them.. if you are the only coffee drinker in the house, or you like to make a fresh cup at work every morning I’d say it’s a good idea. They have lots of awesome flavors of coffee and you can buy that at tons of stores now (not just online). However, if you tend to make a lot for a lot of people (or really just more than one cup) I don’t think it is very cost efficient.

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I don’t have one, but mama mia!!! I want one! I’m thinking about getting one as my christmas gift.

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