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Is anyone riding their bike to work tomorrow?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) May 15th, 2008

It is national ride your bike to work day.

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I don’t drive. Never had my license. And I live in a fucking RV. My house has wheels and I can’t drive it. Life is funny like that. And I work from home. I will ride my bike to procure booze.

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What is your job?

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Web nerdery. Mostly doing websites for real estate agents. It sucks. But I can touch my bed while I work. That is awesome.

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Nope! Because:
– I don’t have a bike
– It would be remarkably unsafe in this traffic (narrow streets and no cycle path)
– I’m off from work this week :)

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My mother and father did today. I don’t work today, but I would.
My boyfriends father is in the symphony orchestra and a bunch of them biked to work.

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Not I. Like wildflower, I don’t own a bike. For me its a catch 22. I now live two miles from my work and I tell myself that I don’t use much gas so there is no problem driving. Before I moved though, I lived about 20 miles from work and I told myself that 40 miles a day is to much biking for me.

Now if I still had my motorcycle….

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I started cycling to work a week ago, and though my legs are killing me now, it’s definitely worthwile.

My city (Edinburgh) is fairly cycle-friendly though.

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i always ride my bike to work, i don’t even have a licence, and why would i? we have great public transport, so to anwser the question, yes i am going to work by bike tomorow, i have to start at….7, damn it

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I would if I could, but one, I don’t have a bike, two, it’s raining here today, and I’m not that much of a trooper, three, I live 25 miles from work and have to leave before sunrise, and the roads here are not conducive to safe bicycle riding.

But my kudos to those who did!

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all those things bsilver is saying sounds better and better, in the dark rain, man, when you get there you’ll be so glad you did it

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I work at home. I guess I could circle the house. My husband rides his bike to work most days. Having had this after years of long commutes and traffic, I love it, and would have to make living close enough to work to bike a factor in any future relocations.

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Yes, but I ride my bike to work everyday.

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@gsiener: just bcuz you do it everyday doesnt water down its importance or relativity to bike day.
Its not safe for me to ride a bike to my job, but I probably would if I had a helmet and maybe a…. Wait, no! What am I saying?! I’m NOT ever riding my bike to work!!!

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