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Is it annoying when people answer old questions?

Asked by shrubbery (10251points) May 15th, 2008

Do you get frustrated and think “it’s an old question we’re already over it” especially after you’ve said something along the lines of “Thanks guys I’ll try your ideas” or do you like it and think “it’s great that people are still interested in my question”...?

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The latter.

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If I’m still following that question, then I will be interested in seeing what people post to it.

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I haven’t been here that long, but I don’t think anyone should get frustrated over it. We all frequent this site diffrently, so who are we to know what’s been asked.

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I don’t get annoyed. In fact, I think it’s pretty tubular.

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The latter, especially since most of the “siblings” that are automatically generated tend to be older posts. It seems the site was designed for ongoing posts.

You can always ignore answers if you feel you’ve gotten what you need, but someone else referring to your question in the future may find the new answer useful. :)

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Don’t mind repetitive questions. Especially since as @martinez noted people have been on this site different lengths of time. People can skip what they are uninterested in, and others can answer. Or, for some of us, read again. It seems there’s always something new to learn.

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This is reassuring because I like to browse the questions and add my bit to some which are sometimes a little old but I wasn’t sure if people got annoyed which is why I asked, but if you guys don’t mind then I will continue as I was :p

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I love them! I dont mind one bit :0)

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I don’t like it. But I’m the guy that licks my cat to piss her off.

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What the…. Haha johnp you are funny. You really do that?

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If I’m bored.

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what do you do with the fur you get in your mouth? or is that part of the cure for the boredom?

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Wow, I’m not the only one who does that. I also pinch my cats fur, not the skin, just ever so slightly the tip of the fur and it really starts their skin wriggling :P

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If I dared to EVER do any of that to may cat she’d claw me out. I swear, she’s the spawn of Satan.

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haha, that’s why I do it to my cats, because they need to be kept in line sometimes but this way it’s not hurting them, just really annoying them :P then they know who’s boss! (well, who’s mummy)

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haha, that makes sense. Do your cats make this really low, weird sound when they’re annoyed? I wish I could demonstrate the sound they make over fluther but I can’t…

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Oh yes, don’t worry you don’t have to I know exactly what you mean :P

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Oh good.. It must be a universal cat sound. Its hilarious!

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Yeah it is, they’re trying to be all angry at you but you can’t help laughing :P and then as they’re doing it sometimes it breaks into a high pitched meow. I wonder if it’s just my cat but sometimes if she falls off something or runs into something (very occasionally as cats are so graceful) but she gets up and she’s all embarrassed and tries to make it look like it never happened, it’s absolutely hilarious

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oh my God! My cat is so big she attempted to jump on top of the washing machine and didn’t make it- her big body rammed into the middle of it (bless her soul) and she tried to play it off too. Silly cats… They really have personality.

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You cat lickers need to come over to my house and lick the laxatone goo off the ceiling (that my last cat rejected and decided to redecorate my house). Talk about recycling. Aren’t you worried about hair balls? You need a membership in CLA (Cat Lickers Anonymous). I’d try it for the reaction, but it’s been in the triple digits here and my cat has decided to shed her winter coat in one fell swoop.

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you get some interesting late answers.

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I like to follow old questions cos I can still learn sth new I haven’t thought about and I like to read other’s ideas on the subject at hand. Something I could careless is when some of the members start writing something that has nothing to do with the question. Some threads like this one often get off on deviant ways. I just avoid it and move on.

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it did get random, ed- but just to let you know even the person that asked the question joined in, so kinda wouldn’t get that offended, edm. I agree with you as well, hijacked questions can be rude.. But like I said shrubbery joined in.

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Let’s mess with @shrubbery:

For anyone else who has just reviewed this thread….wait at least 1 month to answer. :)
Nothing like a few follow-ups!!

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I’ll be back…. ;)

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When I get a new answer to follow up of an old question it reminds me when I say to some of my friends, call me if u have any news.

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when new answers crop up to old questions, often the issue has been resolved, or the answerer only reads the question and none of the old answers in the interest of time, and their answer is repetitive or contradictory. Also, it can be weird if it was more of a debate type question.

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I don’t think so! In fact, I just answered an old one of yours!

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It doesn’t bother me too much if the person answering has something new to add to the discussion.

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@thehaight… woopsies :P haha i was wondering if a fluther moderator would tell us off, but maybe it’s ok if the asker joins in

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Frustration over old questions or any question ? Sounds like a case of anger mgmt.

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I wish you could see not only that a question was asked _____ (3 days ago, 10 months ago, or whatever), but also when the last answer was written. Sometimes I don’t answer old questions just because they’re old, and I don’t want to be the one answering a 9 month old question that hasn’t been touched for 8 months.

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@petethepothead good point!

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I also asked this question.

Here is how the Fluther feels about answering old questions:

It is perfectly ok if you have something valuable to add. If you are just saying the same thing as the next guy, don’t bother.

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There are those special times during the month that anything will annoy the hell out of me. Fortunately this is not one of those special times of the month.

On a serious note, I wasn’t sure whether or not I should respond to squirbel’s original question or to this one, but since I was here first decided to go with this one. I sometimes share the sentiments of petethepothead in that it would be nice to know when the responses are made, but I’m assuming that a new response will bump the question up to the top again. Then there are the sibling questions that linger to the right, which can sometimes be fairly attractive but also outdated.

I try to stick to the fresh topics but if I’m completely bored I am likely to respond to older sibling topics.

I’ve never really thought about a question’s freshness quotient to be honest.

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Two months after asking or answering a question I enjoy reading answers to my questions and the answers again. I like remembering all the stuff and what caused me to ask or answer that question. I like when people answer the price of gas question so I can see just how much the price has risen. How did you like this little reminder everyone?

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I don’t mind this little reminder, gooch. People can answer all the old questions they want, as far as I’m concerned. It isn’t annoying at all.

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