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How did you get your copy of Microsoft Word?

Asked by Trustinglife (6653points) May 16th, 2008

I’m buying a laptop and wondering how to get the Microsoft suite of programs. Did you purchase it? Download it from somewhere?

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Site Licensed at work. Wouldn’t use it at home.

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You could check out Sun Microsystem’s Open Office Suite – it’s open source and is available for freeeeee! Legally!

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I second Open Office – great free alternative, but can also Save As and Open microsoft office files.

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I didn’t. When I need word processing I use Abiword or There’s a (legal) world beyond Microsoft :)

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i got iWork ‘08, way better, but that’s just me

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When I purchased my copy of microsoft office, I was able to buy the student version. It’s exactly the same but a lot cheaper.

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Oh, I should have added that I mentioned Abiword and OpenOffice because they can be downloaded free of charge (full version), which is why it might be helpful (you can only get a 30-day trailer of iWork).

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Here is another vote for Open Office. Don’t spend all that money on Word. And if you buy a new laptop, don’t assume MS Works is all you will need. I use Word at work because my company paid for it, but love Open Office at home and never have a problem switching between the two.

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pirate bay FTW

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microsoft ultimate steal programe

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