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When you play games online, like StarCraft 2, when people say, "You mad bro? You mad?" do you actually get mad?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) December 3rd, 2011

Haha, I find it hilarious because I’m on the receiving end, not mad at all. But the opposer insists I’m mad.

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I ain’t even mad

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I sometimes find it amusing when people do get really mad, though.

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I ain’ even bovered.

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I don’t know about playing a game online but when someone says “calm down” when I’m perfectly calm already… I’ll admit it ups my blood pressure by a smidge.

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I don’t play online games. Or nearly. Not much to say, ecxept for some guy in Street Fighter IV who beat me, and got all pissed off…I do NOT get this. As far as I know, there is absolutely no benefit from losing an online match. He shoulda been glad. So what the hell?
But I really wish I had read this question before playing against him…I woulda been all like, you mad, bro? You MAD?

It does seem that some of these peeps be insane up in da membrane, I gotta say. At least from that SF experience anyways haha.

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Haha, I play starcraft 2, and often times if the opposing team is raging and complaining about why they lost and so on. I will say “u mad bro?”. And it’s in my view rhetorical, since I already kinda know they’re angry about losing.

Now, when I’m on the losing end, I will ocassionaly say something to defend my losing. Usually I’ll do this when I’m irritated. And when they ask me “u mad bro?”. It usually further upsets me. It only further upsets me if I’m genuinely mad, otherwise I just say, nah, I’m not mad, and say “GG”.

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Is that like World of Warcraft? I don’t play online games.

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I don’t think anybody is ever really mad. It’s all an act to make the other people actually mad. Or at least it is for me.

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Nobody has ever said that to me but I think it would make me mad, if I wasn’t already. But the only multiplayer game I play is Second Life and it’s not really that kind of game.

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“U mad, bro?” is an internet meme. People who ask it aren’t actually asking if you are mad. It is typically used as a statement to make to someone when they have been ostensibly trolled successfully.

For example, if I told someone that all teenage girls should be forced to have abortions (obviously trolling), and they expressed outrage at what I said, it would be expected that I reply with “u mad bro?”

As another example, in a gaming context, if I was playing battlefield 3 online and I killed someone with a rocket from across the map, I would say “u mad bro?” to affirm my trolling.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Yes, but expect people who don’t know this and have heard the phrase to use it in exactly the context @whitetigress described…

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I’ve never come across that remark personally. I do hear a lot of frustrated whimpering & barely contained rage, but that’s only to be expected when pwnage reaches levels never witnessed before.
Bless them, it must be terrible :¬)

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Nah, I only get ticked off when they say “You mad, bra?” ; )

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@EnchantingEla Lol, I like “you mad, BRUH?”

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