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What motivates you?

Asked by RedmannX5 (814points) December 3rd, 2011

I mean what sorts of things or thoughts or actions do you personally implement to get yourself motivated to do something that you don’t necessarily want to do?

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People of German decent. That would be my partner and her fab family

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Sheer panic. Otherwise, I’m unmovable as a mountain.

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I am 67 and people often ask me why I run or how I motivate myself to run and it is because I am afraid if I stop, I will never be able to start again!!! Use it or lose it!

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A plan of action, and a good podcast is usually all I need to get things moving.

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Spite. Anger, Frustration.

Either that or some loud music, either techno/house/trance or old-school metal; something fast and percussive.

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For day to day tasks I reward myself with something small, like a cup of coffee or a cd. For more difficult tasks, even better rewards. I also try to do the most difficult jobs first, because then the day gets easier as it progresses.

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a deadline usually works for me…I’m currently trying to get ahead with my studies and I have an essay due in in January but want to get it done before Christmas…it’s not working out at the moment because I feel like I’ve got loads of time… but I think giving myself lots of rest time…even getting to the point of boredom can help motivate you… I hoping so anyway, although I rarely get bored…

The other thing that helps me is visualising how I want the outcome to be, what I will feel terms of all the positive feelings and possibilities that may come from getting whatever it is done….

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Running out of time. Someone coming to visit. Boredom. Hunger. My hair looks awful. My car needs gas. If I don’t cook that right now it’s going to spoil. It’s supposed to rain this afternoon. I have to be there at five. There’ll be a late fee if I don’t write the check and mail it NOW!

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