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Have you ever seen a celebrity in person that you admired?

Asked by comity (2837points) December 7th, 2011

I recently went to see John Stewart at Cornell University. I got to see more about him then I knew before. He joked, not just about politics, but his family life. Loved it. I also loved the audience. The students were so chivelrous trying to help me up to the top of the bleachers in the stadium. But, I made it on my own. A picture of me at the top. Besides being chubby, do I really look that helpless? ; )

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Wow, what a great experience. I would love to see Jon Stewart in a forum like that. And, how wonderful to hear the students wanted to be helpful. Were you in NY? I always say NY is one of the cities where people are more aware of helping others than less aware. I find it unfortunate people have a bad stereotype of New Yorkers sometimes.

I have met and spoken with Tommy Hilfiger, Carolina Herrera, Donna Karan, and there are probably others I am not thinking of right now. I also have seen many actors and celebrities in the streets or shops of NYC, but didn’t speak to them. I also have spent some time with a few race car drivers.

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@comity Which building was he in? I saw Baryshnikov at the Anderson Center at Binghamton University. He has a great sense of humor too.

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@JLeslie Yes in Ithaca, New York.

@Adirondackwannabe Barton Hall

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@comity Those bleachers are brutal. Good for you that you made it up them.:)

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@Adirondackwannabe That’s why I was grinning ear to ear proudly. However, going down was a little treacherous.

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I almost got to meet Bo Bice.

Yea. I got nothing…

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I once sat in first class with James Doohan (Scotty on Star Trek). I also sat next to Graham Kerr. The Galloping Gourmet. He was very nice. I was on a plane with Dan Marino and James Taylor.

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My Mom has met a few famous musicians in her past including Steve Perry and Cheap Trick.

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I got to hang out with Hot Chelle Rae for a bit, and a few times after. They’re really sweet. I met Mia Wasikowska(Alice from the new Alice in Wonderland) at a Starbucks and she was beautiful and sweet and gracious when she talked to me and didn’t care that I was wrangling a toddler covered in chocolate.

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Danny Shirley of Confederate Railroad, BIlly Joe Royal; he hugged my daughter and she still talks about that. Johney Lee of “Looking for love in all the wrong places’.

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I met Johnny Cash once, but that was many years ago.

Got my picture taken with Fess Parker ( who played Davy Crockett for a number of years ) while I was in the hospital in Vietnam. Didn’t have the heart to tell him that I was in there for an appendectomy! Heh!

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I’ve been lucky to meet quite a few people that I admire. When I was a young teenager (about 13 years old) I cried when I met Judith Durham (Australian singer with The Seekers). I was probably the youngest person at her concert (and later at her book signing) and she was so lovely to me. I was in complete awe.

I now see famous people every day because I work alongside elite athletes, many of whom are olympic and paralympic medalists or in training for 2012. I am not all that interested in sport myself so I don’t really pay much attention to it but I do find it inspiring never the less.

If I met Barbra Streisand I would probably die of shock!!!

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I got to meet Sir Edmund Hilary and shake his hand. Wonderful guy. I cried when he died. His life and how he dealt with tragedy is a real inspiration.

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I shook Isaac Asimov’s hand and had a short conversation with Orson Scott Card while he was signing a dozen or so of the books he wrote that I owned.

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I just thought of a couple more. I spent the day with Bythe Danner when I was a teenager and she was amazing. By a strange coincidence I met her BIL Bobby Paltrow at a race track about 10 years ago. We were all at the track a couple days. We had dinner with him one evening, he was great also, and his friends, interesting conversation.

I met Oksana Baiul once briefly. She was in our store with some other skaters. They were all eating Chocolates.

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I met Davy Jones!! He was a prick, to tell you the truth. I also met Peter Noone, not one of my main interests, but he was very nice. I got a picture with Davy, who wouldn’t even get out of his chair, and one with Peter, who threw his arm around me and about squeezed me to death. Ha-ha.

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@Skaggfacemutt I met and had lunch with Davy Jones, but that was the racecar driver, not the Monkey.

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I’ve met and interviewed a few intellectuals/celebrities – most noteworthy would probably be Carl Sagan and Irving Layton Canada’s Poet Laureate (who taught Leonard Cohen at McGill U. by the way). I’ve exchanged letters with John Travolta and Arthur Miller (I know, the polarities) and have spoken and written to one of my favourite singers, Holly Cole

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@zensky Carl Sagan lived in Ithaca and did a little teaching at Cornell. Interesting guy.

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@zensky I’ve been to many lectures at Cornell featuring Carl Sagan. Wow! You’ve exchanged letters and interviewed these people. Are you still doing that? Do you work on your own or for a company?

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Yes! I met a band during a signing named Inspector. I was so in love with their music!

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I had the pleasure of meeting Gwendolyn Brooks a year-or-two before her death. She gave an inspired poetry reading that I will always remember. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to give her flowers and to thank her for sharing the gift of her art with the world.

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Exchanged nods with John Lithgow and the Shaq at a Beverly Hills park in separate occasions. Spotted Cybil Sheperd once in an Italian restaurant, Emilio’s in Encino. She had nice skin. All I could think of was I had fun watching her with Bruce Willis in Moonlighting and that she shagged Elvis.

Watching the babes walk by once in DC one sunny day sitting on a bench near the Smithsonian’s when a crowd approached along with Bill Clinton and some three bodyguards. Saw James Carville at the DC Union Station and met and shook Washington Post’s EJ Dionne one night in Dupont Circle. Do they count?

Saw Elizabeth Hurley once in the VIP box next to ours during an LA Dodgers game.

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Yes, a few but my favorite was being a server for and getting a picture taken with Dr. Leo Buscaglia when he ate dinner at a restaurant I was working in.

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Captain Crunch back in ‘89 before the cocaine started to take it’s toll.

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I have met a lot of celebs.
I taught Arnold Swartzenegger the meaning of the word “cramp”.
I met Robin Williams after watching a private screening of a Pixar movie.
I met Giancarlo Giannini the day after he lost the Oscar for “Seven Beauties”.
And I went to high school with what’s his name

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I saw Jason Robards on a NYC street. I smiled at him broadly and he kind of smiled back, but I could see on his face that he wondered if he knew me. I’m sure he can’t remember all the people he’s worked with or met.

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I met a few celebrities through a design gig I had in the early 2000s.

David Copperfield, Elton John, Nancy Kerrigan. I designed stage sets or props for shows they did and was lucky enough to meet them.

I also met Joe Perry (of Aerosmith) and Hulk Hogan when I was a kid. I was friendly with Gary Cherone (of Extreme & Van Halen) when I was 18. Extreme was just getting started and we both worked at a local mall. He was at Record Town and I was Aurbrushing T-Shirts just outside his store.

Thing is, while I may have enjoyed their work, I didn’t admire any of them.

The people I admire (Frank Lloyd Wright, Jim Hensen, etc.), I never met.

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