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What would you like engraved on your necklace?

Asked by the_overthinker (1503points) December 7th, 2011

What would you like engraved on your necklace? A name? A quote?

I was thinking of getting a necklace with something engraved on it, as a gift. Just wanting to hear some ideas before finalizing it.

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You need to have something engraved that would mean something to the recipient.

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An ancient tribal symbol that stands for something precious. Preferably wood to give it an ancient feel.

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If it’s a generic gift, maybe the serenity prayer.

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@Skaggfacemutt, right, the question is not about ideas for the giftee, but about what you yourself would like.

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The words, Don’t Sweat It, in Latin. : )

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The first initial of the man I love. Of course, strangers would probably think that it was my name that started with that letter but that doesn’t matter at all.

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” For 99 years on the ranch shes been, and she still goes down to the old goose pen ” lol

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If found, please look for the severed head of…

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I would want something engraved that’s personal between the gift giver and myself, maybe the quote that was on our wedding invitations or the song title from our Bride & Groom dance.

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Yes, @Neizvestnaya . If it was from one of my kids, I would want something sappy about “mother.”

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FTW for me.

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“Ich wil den Klavierstein!”

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This end up?

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Wotan mit uns!

That, or a picture of a zombie head. I like zombie heads.

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“If everybody was satisfied with himself, there would be no heroes”

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I would not want the words believe, imagine, dream, inspire, dance, love, laugh…

So maybe I would want the words magic, transformations, serendipitous, firefly, starflight, goddess is always good…fnords. Sonoluminescence: that would be the word for my necklace.

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