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What do you mean? Am I slow this morning or what? scratching head

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What does “lurve drunk” mean?

I’m going with “no.” Since I don’t know what it is.

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Yes, I get intoxicated on “lurve.” If I don’t get lurve, then I feel like there isn’t anyone out there, interacting with me.

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All ya need is lurve. ...hic!

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Nah…just beer drunk lol.

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Yes. What was the question?

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Never been served by lurve?

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Just once. Moderation works for me now.

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Would that be dlurvunk?

I saw a dlurvunk rooting through my garbage once. I scared it off by asking it if it had gotten smarter. I thought so. It ran into the neighbor’s yard and I haven’t seen it since. Although there is now a dog that barks at a searingly high pitch. Often.

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Dlurvunk… I dare not speak of it.

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Sounds like a name for some monster that Lovecraft would think up.

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Friday is lurve drunk day!!!

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