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Why is it more interesting when celebrities do normal things?

Asked by digitalimpression (9915points) December 7th, 2011

1. What difference does it make of Alec Baldwin does something as opposed to the average joe?

2. Do you watch actors because they are good or because you like their personality and off-camera life?

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It’s not, but a portion of the population is attracted to it, for reasons I would feel like an asshole saying.

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It isn’t, not to me. I’m no good with actors, I never remember any names or what they played in. I just like watching movies. Johnnie Depp is an exception, but still, I don’t care what normal stuff he does.

I guess some people care because they’re huge fans, look up to some celebrities and all, so it’s like an inspiration to them, whatever the celebrety does.

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@Symbeline Hahaha.. you pretty much like everyone that I don’t like. Michelle Obama, Johnny Depp… who else? xD My problem with Depp is that he almost always does some whacky, stupid role… I’d like to see a real role .. a “normal” role from that guy.

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Who else? Let’s see…Marilyn Manson? Béatrice Dalle?
I like Depp’s fucked up roles, but even as a fan, I’ll have to admit…he’s not good at all of them. Sweeney Todd and that crap remake of the Chocolate Factory where he played Wonka…blaaaaah. Still love the man, though. :)
But you know, actors have their niche. My dad used to bitch about Arnold Schwarzenegger seriously not being able to shed a tear for a movie, and having the staff create a tear on his face through computer generating.
The guy’s made to either be a robot or criminalize sorcery with a broadsword. Who cares if he can’t cry. He’s just that badass! XD Lol.

Also, Michelle Obama is fiiiiiine. :) In case you forgot. XD

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@Symbeline And so the list goes on. Marilyn Manson… and I’ll admit to never hearing of Beatrice

Ugh. Michelle. xD

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Celebrity is a cult in this country. If it wasn’t media would not follow them (if people did not read about it or watch).

Also, I don’t consider it normal to cause a fuss and get thrown off a plane.

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@marinelife Exactly my question.. why is that?

And it would have been a negligible news story if it were someone else.

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Béatrice Dalle is a French actress with an iconic front teeth gap. She always plays messed up roles, like cannibals and murders.

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