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Anyone care to post a tribute to James Garner, "Maverick" actor in "The Rockford Files?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) July 23rd, 2014

An immensely entertaining actor that provided me with endless hours of enjoyment. He always seemed so real to me…so ‘guy next door’.

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Best theme song in TV from The Rockford Files

Since Maverick, the nicest gun in the west punches and strings up Batman? Whadda guy…

Thanks James.

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Yeah I did like that guy.

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I liked him as “The Scrounger” in The Great Escape.

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Three of my favorite JG flicks are “The Americanization of Emily,” Barbarians at the Gate,” and the wonderfully romantic “Murphy’s Romance.” He was such a fine actor and so versatile.

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As a visiting nurse for the VA, I took care of his Korean War buddy in his fight against cancer. Garner visited him four times in his friend’s last three months. Garner got one of his two purple hearts in an action with this guy. His buddy said “Bum” was a real hellion in those days, a major party animal. Garner came off as a real good person. He was at his acting best as the scrounger in The Great Escape (1963). I especially liked him as Commander Charles Madison in Paddy Chayefsky’s The Americanization of Emily (1964).

Garner was a great liberal, a man to emulate. He helped organized King’s march on Washington and gave a lot of his personal time to Save the Children. RIP James Bumgarner.

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I loved Garner as Maverick, and in the “Support” movies. I watched those Rockford reruns til I could recite the dialog from memory. I remember watching “The Americanization of Emily” for the first time in a flea-hop theater. It was double billed with the very forgettable “Mr. Budwing”. Both movies for 50 cents. The thing I love about Garner, and the reason I parade his work before my grandsons is because he built a career on a character dear to my heart, a man always immune to every platitude, and convention lauded as virtuous in our society. He’s always the decent man, painfully aware that the decent man gets screwed. He rejects church, marriage, kids, pets etc. in a vain attempt to avoid the trappings of decency. Yet life itself consistently forces him into a position of choosing between decency and the ’“smart” thing. The poor doomed chump is resigned to decency with the full realization that it marks him for the loser he is. Those Rockford episodes are well written and some of the funniest stuff ever televised, but it’s important to view the full episodes that haven’t been chopped up in commercial loaded syndication. The episodes with Garner interacting with Stuart Margolin (Angel) make me laugh so hard, that I’m not allowed to watch them while the wife is in the house. Garner really is a man that leaves me realizing how lucky I am to exist in an era when he was around

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Awww….memories of the 60’s and 70’s, everyone is getting old and dying now. Last of the classic stars. Another one bites the dust. RIP JG.

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