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Who would be the most inept, inappropriate James Bond & who would be perfect in your opinion?

Asked by ucme (50031points) April 4th, 2010

Your idea of how not to cast the iconic role,or conversely who would be the dream casting,maybe someone from the past who for them it’s now too late.

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Inept – Danny Devito or Donald Trump
Perfect – Josh Brolin. I know most wouldn’t agree, but I find him irresistible, even though he would be better suited for one of the bad guys.
And you would be perfect as well, @ucme. :)

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Inept= Leslie Nielsen.
Perfect= Pierce Brosnan

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@Vunessuh As long as i’m surrounded by the Bond girls i’m happy.Donald Trump,brilliant.I’ve a feeling the guys hair wouldn’t stand up to the rigours of the role though,although he could lasso the bad guys with his comb over ;¬}

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Inept: Michael Cera
Perfect: Sean Connery

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard For me Connery was the best but annoyingly Roger “eyebrow” Moore starred in the better movies,Live & Let Die etc.

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@ucme, I sortof agree. Moore will always have a special place in my heart because he was the first Bond I was ever exposed to as a child. Connery can quantifiably be deemed the best, of course, despite any personal preference I may have.

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I would love to see the very inept Ricky Gervais as Bond. (Sorry, anyone considering Americans for this role is just WRONG!)

And the perfect bond… for now… cast tomorrow in a movie? Ewan McGregor.

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Inept:Ozzie Osborne
Perfect: Sandra Bullock (want to be a man right now with her hands on your goldfinger?)

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Inept: Me
Perfect: Milo (He already has a custom-made tux).

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Inept: Rowan Atkinson
Perfect: Jason Statham

Also -

Inept: Russell Brand
Perfect: Jason Isaacs

There’s something vaguely sinister, yet appealing about those those two Brits named Jason, I guess.

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Paul Ruebens or Rowen Atkinson for inept.
There was only one perfect Bond. We all know who that was.

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Not exactly, Miss Moneypenny.

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What a team we would make, eh?

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Imperfect: Joe Pesci
Perfect: Dominic West

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Jack Black would be a fail

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I think this is going to make a good Easter dinner question.

My first out of the gate (with help from a friend) are:

Inept: Liberace
Inept: The late Sam Kinnison

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George Bush for anything requiring ineptitude. Keeping with heads of state, Nicolas Sarkozy, as a good James Bond – he at least has a way with attractive women.

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Inept – Norman Wisdom
Perfect – George Clooney

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Woody Allen already had the inept part down pat (remember Casino Royale?) but Gilbert Gottfried would be a worthy successor. Can you imagine THAT voice ordering a martini?that would certainly shake things up.

Perfect would be George Clooney. He’s talented enough to pull off a convincing Brit accent. He’s a real throwback to old Hollywood’s classic leading men like Clark Gable.

Speaking of which, wouldn’t Jimmy Stewart be perfect as the classic inept Bond?

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If he was still around, Benny Hill for inept.

Sean Connery (again) for perfect.

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Ept: Connery, Sean Connery. Who else?
Inept: everybody except Connery.

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