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Can I get some recommendations on good earbuds?

Asked by Aqua (2546points) December 9th, 2011

I looked through some older questions about earbuds, but I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I recently lost the original earbuds that came with my iPod touch and I’m looking for a new pair. My price range is around $30–50. I need earbuds with a microphone and a button for volume/play/pause/next/previous. What do you suggest?

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These Denon ones are pretty good and in your range.

Here is one of many sites out there to review based on your needs

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Apple In-Ear heaphones have been getting some good reviews (Shocking I know) but are a little bibt out of your price range at $79.

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I have been using these Skull Candy 50/50 earbuds for about a year now, and they’ve worked perfectly for me. I think that they have pretty good sound quality (although you certainly can get better if you’re willing to spend more money), and they also have the mic/play/pause/vulume buttons that you wanted (I agree..I can’t live without these little buttons).

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Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve been reading some reviews on Amazon and I found these 50/50s for $27. I might order them pretty soon. Quite a few reviewers mention them wearing out or breaking within a few weeks to a few months. @RedmannX5 anything special I need to worry about to make them last? Also, is the jack straight like the ipod headphones, or is a right-angle jack?

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Push your budget and go ahead and get some Bose earbuds. You won’t regret it. I love love love my Bose earbuds and if you have to save a few lunches or dinners it will be worth it. There is nothing that compares, unless you want to go $200 or more. for $100 you will have a symphony of music you never expected to hear through a pair of earbuds. Once there… you won’t go back. Go for it!

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@Aqua I’m actually pretty rough on headphones and they’ve lasted me a year. But as for specific advice, I always wrap mine up around my hand before storing them so they don’t get tangled, and they come with a protective case that’s pretty sleek. And the jack is straight like the regular Apple earbuds.

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I found really good ear buds for a lot less than most. Sentry brand at A ‘good deal’ feature at that site is a ‘free shipping’ policy, so you pay only for the posted price.

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