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IPod Classic vs IPod Touch? Need help with purchase. (Details below).

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11273points) January 30th, 2011

I’ve been using an IPod Classic with only 8 GB. It lasted a long time and finally bit the dust. I need to replace it. I use it a lot. I need something with a lot of memory because I download a lot of non-music MP3’s (audiobooks, or long radio shows). I don’t like having to go into ITunes, uncheck items and then add more because the memory isn’t enough. I wanted to get another IPod Classic with 160 GB…but a friend of mine swears by the IPod Touch and thinks I should consider one. She raved about the “apps” and how it was just superior, etc.

Knowing that the above is what I use it for…..and that I need a great deal of memory….can you tell me what the advantages/disadvantages of both are? The IPod Touch has up to 64 GB memory…is that enough? Do I need the extra bells and whistles that an IPod Touch would give me?

Sorry for the geeky non-tech explanation…red face

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you!

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I have a 32GB iPod touch. My wife has an 8GB.

One thing I’ve done to get around checking/unchecking a lot of things is to create dynamic playlists that automatically keep the newest added and/or least often played, and/or least recently played. That way, I’ve got my newest stuff plus I’ve got the old stuff bubbling to the top of rotation.

The value of an iPod touch (or iPhone) is many times multiplied by the apps you can download. It is definitely worth it the difference from the iPod classic.

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I had an iPod touch and sold it, unless you like to play with all the apps it is not that big a deal. I prefer my classic. It is a 160gig and it holds all of my music, books from, many movies, contacts, some photos. It even does play a few silly games but I rarely use them.

So for you I think the classic would be the one to choose. I think I will get an iPad for the games and apps and because I want a new toy!

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I’d go with the iPod Classic, but that’s just me. I have no need for the apps, just something with a lot of memory to play my music and audiobooks. From my (limited) experience with the iPod Touch, it seems that the touch screen drains the battery quicker, and I can get a longer lasting battery charge with the Classic. So, yeah, there’s my two cents.

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I have a two giga classic and it’s great.

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The touch is superior in every way to the classic except on disk space, and even then that has a caveat. The classic uses a hard drive, which runs hotter, burns batteries faster, and can fail; The newer iPod/Phone/Pad devices use flash memory which while at the moment aren’t as big in storage but are better at battery life and won’t risk failing like a hard drive would.

If you’re living okay with 8GB then 64GB should suit you just fine unless you’re getting a massive library influx in the future and demand that they be in ultrahigh quality encoding.

As for apps, they’re a your mileage may vary thing. The app store is huge and you’re bound to find some apps that you may like to do various things. For example, I’ve got a glucose tracker to track my blood sugar, an app that contains Mark Bittman’s “How To Cook Everything”, Apps to view and budget my bank account, etc etc.

There’s an Audible app for listening to and managing your account as well.

At this point, I think the only reason to buy a classic at this point is disk space when you are positive your library is bigger than your hard drive, otherwise you’ll just have a lot of unused space. The classic will probably be discontinued this or next gen because its sales have slumped off and the Touch is growing, so why invest in obsolescence?

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If you want a lot of memory, and all you need it is for mp3s and videos, go for the classic. If you want apps, go for the touch.

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I have owned both the 32GB iPod and now the 32GB iPod Touch. The big downside to the touch is that you cannot enable disk use, something that comes in handy if your computer’s HD fails. And I have found they can fail a LOT.

I’m not a big app user. I too have tons of movies and many books on mine.

The touch is great for viewing your music videos if you have any.

I have been thinking lately of selling my touch to my kids and buying a 120GB iPod.

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@tranquilsea A mere 32 or even 64 GB is not enough to store even one-tenth of my hard drive data, so I would NEVER use it that way anyways. A mobile hard dive like that in an iPod Classic is far more likely to fail than a desktop hard drive or flash memory like in the Touch.
I have only about 10GB worth of music anyways, so at least for me, the Classic is useless and wasteful compared to a Touch.

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i have a 32 GB itouch. its the best i love it.

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I have a 16gb iPhone and a 120gb classic. I love the apps on the iPhone and use the classic for movies and music.

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Thank you so much for ALL THE RESPONSES! This was really informative and will probably help alot of other Jellies who might also be in the same boat.

I am leaning toward the Classic, simply because I know I will be getting an IPhone or IPad at some point in the future. I am still not sure, but I now have some great info!

Lurve on its way to all of you….!!!

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@DarlingRhadamanthus : I’d honestly wait a couple of months or so before buying an apple product at this point. Apple releases hardware upgrades like clockwork and makes announcements at around this time of year and the new stuff will be at the same price as the current, and they don’t do sales on their old stuff.

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Buy a Zune. :P I’ve had mine for 4 years now and I’ve not had a single problem. lol.

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Okay….and no “big boo-ing” okay?

I got an Apple Ipod 160 GB. I did it because I needed a lot of space. I figure that I will probably get an IPhone at some point in the near future and that will take care of apps, etc.

Thank you everyone…for your great help….I am leaving BIG LURVE to all of you!

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No boos (or booze) from me, I think you made a wise choice. I want a phone that makes calls and rings, not cook my breakfast for me :-)

I have had my classic for quite a while and I love it. Course I also have a nano to run with and for times when small and very compact is important!

Have fun.

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Just an update….....I feel I made the right choice! Love, love, love my Ipod Classic! I know there aren’t any apps….but the mega-memory is what I needed…thanks again to all!

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Well, if you are getting an iPhone then you did make the right choice. Two app-running mobile things would be overkill. Besides, once you are locked into Apple, you pretty much have to go Apple all the way.

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@jerv….........Yep…and thanks so much for your input again.

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