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Good blues songs?

Asked by JessicaRabbit (383points) December 10th, 2011

What is a good blues song that comes to mind?


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Smokestack lightnin

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Blind W. Johnson
pretty much anything this man has ever put down is heart felt, spent troubles and tears. God bless him for it.
I love the blues.
Leadbelly, Son House, Simone, Delta 72, Skip James…The list goes on for miles. Old gospel and slave songs hit the heart pretty hard also.

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It has alot to do with the performer.
I like the RL Burnside, Howlin Wolf blues

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Sorry to double post – it’s been slow here and my edit time ran out:

It’s blue sy

You know you made it as a guitarist when Clapton plays rhythm for you

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John Lee Hooker, Boom Boom

I really like Johnny Winter too. Be careful with a fool

Or one of my favourites covered by Johnny Winter. I’ve got news for you

Eric Clapton has a whole album where he plays the Blues.

Robert Cray Because of Me

Stevie Ray Vaughan Pride and Joy

Then you have the ladies. Billie Holiday, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald to name a few of the classics.

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I would be remiss if I did not answer with a tune from an old friend Hubert Sumlin who passed away this week. I suggest you try “Evil”. And, if that whets your appetite then go to the Howlin’ Wolf discography and you will find Hubert all over it.

Hubert lived just a few blocks from me in Milwaukee and when he was in town he could be found jammin at a number of local juke joints. I was at place several years back and Hubert was fooling around on stage and an old friend of his named Eric Clapton sneaked on stage and picked up a guitar out of Hubert’s sight and started gently playing with some of the other guys on stage. Hubert said, without turning and looking or raising his head, “I wundered if you’se gonna show tonight”.

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Bellatrix reminded me of a song: Etta James doing “Only women Bleed”. Incredible if you can find it. I found it on emusic and you can sample there. or if you want to email me I can maybe send it to you

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WIlliw Dixon Bassology

Howlin’ Wolf Spoonful

Pinetop Perkins Got My Mojo Workin’

Muddy Waters I Can’t Be Satiffied

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High Heel Sneakers by the original artist Tommy Tucker.

Its an oldie cross between the blues and rock and roll.

It will make you hit the dance floor….listen on Youtube.

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Blues musicians have the best names.

James Booker – St. James Infirmary (there are many kickass versions of this song)
Charlie Patton – Hang It On the Wall
Lightning Hopkins – Goin’ to Louisiana (my great grandpa totally wore his hair like this)
Led Belly – Looky Yonder/Black Betty
Screamin’Jay Hawkins – I Put a Spell on You
Tom Waits – Heartattack and Vine

Is it getting hot in here?

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And a dirty little ditty by Lucille Bogan covered by the Asylum Street Spankers.

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St. Louis Blues, an oldie but goodie.

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Motorhead’s first album.

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R.Crumb does an awesome survey of blues history.
The book comes with a CD of tunes by the artists reviewed.

Key to the Highway (<- here by B.B. King) is a tune that almost everybody does a cover.

@marinelife “Pinetop Perkins Got My Mojo Workin’” Oh Yeah !

@zensky “BB with Eric – The Thrill is Gone.” Oh Yeah !

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