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How does than new 3D chalk and paint work?

Asked by nighttripper (162points) May 16th, 2008

I just saw a commercial for it. It’s a new thing from crayola. Werid, how’s it work?

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I tried to find some today at the store but they don’t have it yet = (
I want to get it for my son…....
actually I really just want it for myself LOL

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I don’t know but I’m 15 and I think it looks AWESOME!!!

I’m TOTALLY going to buy some!!!

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<————heading to the store for some chalkboard paint

At least one wall deserves to be a chalkboard, in the name of crayola 3D chalk. :)

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Yes please supply a link to this, it sounds totally gnarly.

Crayloa’s Store has it and it kind of looks like LSD-4-kidz. I want it. There doesn’t seem to be an explanation on how it works. 3D glasses are usually done with two colours that make a 3D effect when the same image is offset by a certain amount horizontally or done with different polarized lenses. This, however seems like its based on the colour (see the photo of the girl wiggin out at her drawing on the box). Looks like each colour has a different distance from the ground.

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wow…already out of stock!!! :(

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Ok, it’s been a week… who has got their hands on this stuff and wants to report?

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I have checked like 4 stores already and nothing! I’m starting to wonder if its a cruel joke. : (

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I had never heard of it until I just read this question! THANK YOU! It is so cool. After reading you couldn’t find it ~ I went looking around and couldn’t believe I found it and it isn’t out of stock so I bought two for Christmas! Thanks again!

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it really isn’t as great as it looks, Its pretty much just regular chalk with 3d glasses.

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OH! Well I just bought two packages of regular chalk w/3D glasses! LOL

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I want neon chalk, has anyone ever seen neon chalk?

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