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How can I get rid of the fat between my legs and on my stomach?

Asked by 15barcam (756points) March 14th, 2012

I’m not fat. At least I don’t think so. I’m five four and around 115 lbs. I’m also extremely muscular. The problem is that there seems to be this half inch of fat between my legs and on my stomach that I just can not get ride of. It’s driving me crazy! I know I could lose it if I ate less, but I have an extremely healthy diet now and don’t want to change it. I’d be starving myself if I ate any less, and I love food way too much. Are there any exercises that help me lose fat in just these areas???

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No exercise is fat location specific. All you can do is introduce aerobic exercise and for a while load up on protein and back off of carbohydrate and fat. It is not healthy to do that for long, but your body does not like to metabolize protein, since the by-product is toxic. If you deprive it of carbohydrate for a while, which is cheap and clean to metabolize, it will go after fat reserves, assuming you are making a caloric demand beyond what you are eating.

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Stop obsessing. You look fine. Stop looking at airbrushed magazine photos. Your height and weight are good, you exercise, eat well. Stop it.

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^ She is right. Love your body. It is healthy and undoubtedly beautiful. Focus on the bits you love not the bits you don’t love.

Also, don’t diet. Sure fired way to end up getting fatter. You will just mess up your metabolism. Eat healthy, get some exercise and ignore those little bits that don’t look perfect to you.

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You keep repeating this question in various disguises. Perhaps it’s time to talk to someone better trained then we amateur well-meaning surrogate parents on fluther.

@JLeslie says: “Stop obsessing. You look fine. Stop looking at airbrushed magazine photos. Your height and weight are good, you exercise, eat well. Stop it.”

That’s good advice. You have heard it before.

And I also remember that your mother doesn’t help by her criticism and nagging. I am sorry; I wish we could give her some advice. Do you have a school nurse perhaps or counselor that you can talk to?

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Cut out the carbs. Breads, rice, potatoes especially and any sugars. Your body will now have to consume stored fats for fuel.

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edit; than us

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It’s interesting, I agree with those that say avoid carbs such as bread, rice, noodles. Humans lived for a lot of years on just protein and veg, we don’t need grains to survive and they do pack on the weight. But then again, Asian people eat rice at every meal and you never see an overweight Asian person who eats true to their own cultural diet. When they become westernized, then they too get chubby. I think the real culprit is sugar, Asian folks eat very little sugar and primitive humans too had very little, so avoid that for a while and see what happens. And remember it is hidden in everything processed, white bread is a bad one and of couse the obvious such as soft drinks and candy.

There is a difference, imho, between obsessing unhealthily about your appearance and well being and simply caring how you look and feel. As you as you don’t step over the line I think it is a good thing to pay attention to your body. If you learn how to stay lean when you are young you hopefully will not pack on the weight 1 or 2 kilos at a time as you age and end up carrying a lot more weight than you want. Determine what is a good weight for you and stay there, cut back immediately when you gain a kilo and eat up when you’re down one.

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@rooeytoo Don’t you think long ago humans were getting sugars from fruits? Carbs break down to sugars in the end. I think the biggest difference is the quantity of food we eat, the exercise we get, and high fat content in foods. And, the additives to foods can’t be good, but I am not sure they add pounds to our waist.

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@JLeslie I was thinking of paleo type diet and yes that includes fruit and honey but with nomadic people it was an occasional treat, not an everyday dietary staple. Also most wild fruit is not nearly as sweet as cultivated and hybridized fruits we pick up at the grocery story. I assume that means sugar content is not as great.

You can tell at a glance which black fellas are still living bush, they eat only what they forage or hunt and they are very lean, women and men alike, virtually zero body fat. Those who live in towns are like us white fellas, pudgy and carrying plenty of extra weight. Of course the exercise is a factor but I think the type of food is just as relevant.

So yep I agree with what you say but grains, especially refined grains are a big problem in our diets today.

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If you are not fat and you are in good shape, then that is just the way your body is, genetically. It’s too bad that none of us look like the models in the magazines, but then they have an unfair advantage called “airbrushing.” Once a reporter told a famous model that other women wished they looked like her, and her response was “yes, I wish I looked like that, too.”

I don’t agree that changing your diet will make a difference. I am 5’3” and even when I was young and weighed 97 pounds, I had a soft body. Not really flabby, but I have always wished that I could have a hard, muscular body like some other people. It’s never gonna happen. I am just not genetically engineered that way.

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@rooeytoo The low body fat you describe for people who live in the Bush. I think they are eating much less food in general compared to us city dwellers, and much less sugar too, I agree.

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@JLeslie – I am not sure if that is completely true. I think they tend to binge eat. When there is food available they stuff themselves. When they get hungry enough, they send the women out to wade thru the crocs to find file snakes! And the only sugar they get is when someone finds a bee hive, or local fruit is in season. Some times of the year, virtually no fruit is available. Coconuts are not indigenous to the area and are really rare except where white fellas have planted them.

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