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Have you ever imagined yourself performing a song MTV style?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25921points) December 13th, 2011

Since high-school, I had more fun listening to a song when I imagine myself doing the singing and performing inside that music video. I seemed to have done it more with songs by Hall and Oates, America, Chris Cross and this Ambrosia song and Michael Mcdonald’s Shine Sweet Freedom.

So which songs did you imagine yourself performing when you listen? Adding links would be good. Thanks.

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Yes, I tend to imagine myself performing from time to time, even though I haven’t got a note in my head. There’s so many music videos I’d like to star in, but I’d like to change them up and produce them my way :-) I’d like to feature in Florence’s “Shake It Out” or “It’s All Over But the Crying, Garbage. Loads of upbeat songs too.

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Yes, but only with Foo Fighters songs. :D

So funny to see Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines hamming it up in that video. Do actors even do that anymore?

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Whitesnake – Here I Go Again
Tawny Kitaen not David Coverdale ; )

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I didn’t think you could see music videos on MTV any more? I thought it was just crap reality shows.

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I remember when MTV first aired… video did kill the radio star

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I recall that first “video killing” as well. Does MTV even show what they started any longer??

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