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Are entertainment centers going out of style/need?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) December 13th, 2011

Back in the day, we all needed furniture to hold big stereos and heavy thick TVs. Now you can jack that flat screen on the wall, and carry an Ipod. Do you still have an entertainment center, or has it hit the curb?

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I gave mine away just this year! It does feel a bit wierd not having one, but I probably hadn’t used it in a year…

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You don’t need one for all the electronics anymore, no. But do you need one for all the books??? Quite possibly :D

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We’ve got an amp and speakers attached to tv for better sound. Also we have an old hifi attached to pc for the sound as the speakers on pc are very tinny. We are not early adoptere of new tech though as it’s too expensive, so I think that if new stuff produces good sound then the old separate equipment would get replaced

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The huge ones are going away.

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Books are also getting whacked, due to Kindle.
That is what bookshelves are for. I do have one of those.

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I was able to make it through half my life without one and am happy to be alive in the time of wall mounts and cordless speakers. The challenge now is to liquidate hundreds of game DVD’s.

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