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What do you think Santa Claus eats all year long to keep his weight?

Asked by john65pennington (29168points) December 14th, 2011

Question: what do you think Santa Claus eats all year long to keep his weight? Is it food, beer, egg nog?

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Elves and snowcones.

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Nowt, he’s just bloated on his overblown ego.
Either that or he feasts on the tortured souls of non believers.

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Salads. He just sits around eating salads while Mrs Claus buys/wraps all the toys on sale. So he gains weight.

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He is an avid gamer. I have him on my Xbox friends list. Dude, is always eating.

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All those cookies he stocked up on.

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Bad kids.


“Figgy Pudding”.

@ucme would know what figgy pudding is. ;)

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Well, obviously Mrs. Claus is very good at feeding her Santa man up, most likely lots of gingerbread and cookies and hot cocoa. I prefer to think that Santa doesn’t roast his Reindeer. ;-)

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