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Has anybody had a bad experience with UA, United Airlines?

Asked by edmartin101 (776points) May 17th, 2008

I just flew for two days to Singapore and man what an experience that was. The service sucks, the food was terrible and there is no way to choose what film I want to watch. Even the flight attendant said: “if you have any complaints just call this number 1–800….” I wonder how is it possible for UA to still be in business. My response to her was: ” my best complaint is not to use your airline again”

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I feel your pain. I travel a lot and they are the worst. AA is just as bad. Its like a giant fast food resturant in the sky. Crappy service, crappy food and bitchy employes.

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I will NEVER fly Unites Airlines again, I urge other people not to, and even refuse to book a flight with them for work. They are the WORST, their planes are old, smelly, uncomfortable, and messy. The service is rude, they don’t care about their customers at ALL, and should just do the world a favor by closing themselves down instead of taking advantage of people who don’t know how crappy they are.

Phew. That felt good.

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Well I always fly first class or business so everyone is nice and friendly.

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If you fly overseas again choose a European or Asian airline. I just flew Lufthansa to Europe and we got good free beer, wine and booze in coach but on the way back it was USAir and they charge $5 for crappy booze and beer

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just this week I had a horrible experience on United… what should have been an 8 hour journey turned into an 18 hour ordeal… with no sympathy, empathy, or help from even one single United employee. never again!

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I’m still pretty happy when I’m on a plane and I get to my destination safely. But an 18 hour ordeal sounds awful. My recent frustration with United was trying to use the mileage in the summer, and almost every day was blocked out, three months ahead of time. Makes me wonder why I’m collecting “miles.”

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What a relief!! I am not alone in this ordeal. It seems that most American airlines don’t treat their customers right. I also had good experiences with Asian airlines. From now I won’t ever use an American airline, but wait “Is there any good American airline?” How is Delta airlines?

Why are these airline employees so arrogant? I can see down the line more people out of work, then they bitch about that Asians are taking away their jobs.

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I think if you fly a lot, you’re bound to have a crappy experience.

I’ve had crappy flights on all US carriers (but I’ve also had very pleasant ones). I haven’t flown internationally enough to really compare.

Delta I think has some newer equipment, but all American airline companies are bankrupt/about to go bankrupt/emerging from bankruptcy so there’s not much you can do.

I have some friends who are flight attendants—the “quality of service” dip has as much to do with the people taking the airlines getting more rude as it does with crabby attendants: I mean, even 10 years ago flying was a more formal affair.

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Alaskan is awesome. Never a bad flight there.

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