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Have you had a happy and unexpected surprise in your life recently?

Asked by ZAGWRITER (1511points) December 15th, 2011

The word “recently” for this discussion will be limited to, say, the time period starting with the beginning of September till now.

For me, long story short: I am in Fairbanks, Alaska, and have been since the end of September because I could not find work in Spokane, WA for a year. My pregnant wife and 2 boys are in Spokane, WA. I have been steadily getting more depressed and sad about it since, which yes, hasn’t been helped by the lack of sunlight.

So last Saturday night I’m working and my fellow laborer starts to tell me about the concert he’s going to later. I ask him who was in town and he says “Filter”. I say holy shitsauce Batman I want to go! So he gets me a ticket (which I paid for later) and it turns out to be one of the top 5 coolest shows that I have ever seen. Not bad for finding out about it about 5 hours before the show started.

So what sort of happy accident has been a bright spot in your life lately? Edited for too many capitalized words in the title (sheesh).

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We are recently unemployed. That’s the unhappy part. The happy part is that our landlord told us we could stay in the house rent free until June while we look for work!

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@snowberry ; WOW! What a great landlord you have! I hope you baked them cookies for Christmas!

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Excellent suggestion, @Judi! I hadn’t thought of that, but we’ll gonna hop right on that one!

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Whoa, whoa, whoa! Someone else on Fluther (Besides people I forced to come here) is from Alaska! Finally. :) This pleases me.
Well, just today my best friend and I are finally talking again, since he’s been grounded for one million years.

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Well, I had two unexpected guests for Christmas dinner a week ago Friday. Somebody was knocking at our back door. I’m going “WHAT?” Nobody knocks. They just walk right in. And nobody comes to the front door except cops and Jehova’s witnesses and THEY knock. But this was at our friends and family door…I opened it…and there were Zach and Alex! They’ve been friends with my son since middle school, and I had a big hand in raising them during their teen age years (yes, they lived with me for quite some time.) It was SUCH a wonderful surprise!!

@snowberry That is one amazing landlord! How long have you lived there>

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He’s a friend of the family. We’re trying to fix the place up in exchange for living there.

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