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Can you make a direct definition for a word or phrase?

Asked by erichw1504 (26443points) December 15th, 2011

Take any word and give it a definition to any person, place or thing and then tell us why.

Cold: Canada (because it is cold as balls there.)
Crazy hair: Donald Trump (because he has some odd hair going on up there.)

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Looney Tunes- Michelle Bachmann
witch – Ann Coulter
robot – Al Gore
skeezy – Lindsay Lohan

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Badass; Norway.
It’s fucking Norway. Not only are their ancestors Vikings, but the nicest thing spoken in their language is go fuck yourself, you spineless worm.

(I respect and admire Norwegian culture, and this is a joke. I’m sure many Norwegians would appreciate it though. :) )

God; Xena.
She can do anything MacGyver and Chuck Noris can, but with more style, even when both her legs are broken. See Norway. And Greece, I guess.

Call of Duty; hentai.
I can’t take it anymore, I have to go somewhere private and disembowel myself.

Pop Music; Machu Picchu.
Because even though I know that as I continue to exist, things will keep amazing me, one of my biggest damn man… comes from riding a motorcycle through Mayan ruins.

Canada; Gabrielle.
We may not be Xena, but this country could give Norway a run for its money when it comes to how fucking cold it can get over here.

Joy; Zombies.
Because you know, zombies are awesome.

Intoxicated; Symbeline
I had to add definitions, so this post would make sense.

Stoned; Internet.
This post makes no sense.

Face Saving; Sorry.
AKA, don’t hate me.

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Aspect : What you get if you bend over in front of a chicken.

Asset : What you get if you bend over in front of a tiger.

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Funny; Adam Sandler

Stupid; jeggings

Awesome; fruit

Lame; homework

Awful; having the flu (sneeze)

Cute; me!

Adorable; bunnies

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