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What is your "almost swear word/phrase"?

Asked by erichw1504 (26443points) January 5th, 2012

You know, that time when you really shouldn’t f*$&ing swear? What do you say in the nick of flippin’ time to cover it up?

For example… “Shut the front door!” or “Dod gammit!”

Give us your dod gamn examples or just make some up for fun!

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I often say “Holy shiitake mushrooms!”

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What the funk?

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I don’t many phrases that sound similar to a curse word(s) that I use. Generally I find it odd, but I have been known to say mother stupid. Usually I opt for a more dignified set of words or curse. I don’t find saying the cutesy substitute phrases comfortable.

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Fffffffffreakin’ A’ man.

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Razza frazza fricka frazza. I like to imitate Yosemite Sam when I swear. Nobody does fake swearing better than he does. Also as a teacher, I couldn’t have a fake swear that sounded remotely like a real one.

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Friggin or frigging if I’m in propper grammar mode.

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I say “Sheeze Louise!” My Husband says “Jimminy Christmas!”

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Frak. Shazbot. Wait, I think I see a theme here.

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H. E. Double hockey sticks, anyone?

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Mother trucker. I also like bollocks.

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Rats! (Thanks to Charlie Brown) But I don’t use it much, I mostly say, “S**t.” Quietly.

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I don’t have an almost swear word.

If it’s bad enough to swear it, I use the real thing. Accept no substitutes. Using pseudo-swear words is like kissing your sister.

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Oh, LOL, how could I forget about “SCHIST!” I never use it, but I remember learning about schist, the rock, or whatever, in middle school and everyone using it instead of “shit” because obviously we couldn’t swear out loud. So then I was in a rock shop like six months ago (age 22) and I saw some schist and heard some kids joking about it and I laughed so hard and thought it was the funniest thing, then thought about how immature I was, then used it in place of “shit” the rest of the day, then laughed some more.

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I often say “fudgywudget” because it’s so absurd that I forget whey I wanted to swear in the first place because I’m laughing.

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I say shit-a-little. haha

Also frack, but my favorite is fullblown…fucking fuck! lol My cursing is pretty minimal but, nothing like a good, rousing FUCK! once in awhile.

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What the flip?!

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In polite company, I go for retro curses like “Balderdash!” “Crimeny!”, “God…Bless America!” and sometimes an occasional “Oh, shih-tzu”.

But I enjoy the catharsis that only a well-placed real swear can give… fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

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Frick or sugar.

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I use these all the time:
Jesus H. Christ in a hand basket

Holy Mother of Pete

Whoa mama

Sugar Cubes

Sonova Gopher

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@downtide “Sugar”?

Awww..ain’t that sweet! LOL

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Hahaha..” Whoa mama!”

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@cprevite I really like Sonova Gopher. Mind if I borrow it?

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This just made me think of this:
I don’t really have an alternative word, but sometimes I end up saying oh dear like the weirdo I am.

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And woopsie

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@Blueroses: Sure. S’all yours.

@Coloma: Heh. :^)

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What the fudgeicle?

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I like foreign swears in those situations. I was favoring “perkele” and ”к черту” but @Symbeline has turned me on to French Canadian swears recently.

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I don’t use them, and I don’t even understand the need for it. My daughter in law says fuckin before and after every other word in her vocabulary, as in “Where are the fuckin keys>”. To me it seems totally unnecessary, not to mention vulgar.

I did yell “Oh for crying out loud” when a knife slipped and cut me last week.

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I just remembered my mother’s “Moldy Cheeses!” when she didn’t want to offend a believer by saying “Holy Jesus!”

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@Blueroses And my father used to say “Cheese and rice!”

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I try to watch it around the kids, but the F word tends to fly fast and loose here. I’ll try to say ‘Fudge’ instead. Now, I think I’m going to say ‘Holy Santorum’ instead of holy shit.

I also like the translation for what Winnie the Pooh says. In English he said ‘Oh, bother.’ In Norwegian, he says, ‘Fillern’ and all that time I spent in NZ, the odd ‘Bugger’ still gets said when I do something stupid.

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My mormon friend says, “shut the trash up” or “you scared the trash outta me”...

If it’s me… IDK… I guess:
“Freakin” instead of Fuckin
“Shiiiiiii” instead of Shit
“Front-butt” instead of Pussy

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Son of a sea sucker.
Son of MY MOM.
Son of a motherless goat!
What the frack?
I typed half of this up, then I had to go to school. So it said I was crafting a response all day! :D

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Son of a fuckin’ bitch.

When I am pissed I put the “g” on fucking.

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I ‘freakin’ hate when that happens.


Far Out!

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Kelly Clarkson!

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“You piece of asphalt!”

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One day this piece of shirt went to Hill. Satan called him an “asphalt”. He replied, “Go funk yourself!” And so, the piece of shirt became a son of a witch.

True story.

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I use the one from The Three Amigos. Son of a motherless goat!!

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@Mexicanamerican Johnny Dangerous had a few good ones. Corksucker and Icehole come to mind.

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fargin icehole!

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Haha yeah, Johnny Dangerously is classic.

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“My father hung me on a hook once.”

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god bless America

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