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Did you know that 1 in every 45 children In the United States is homeless?

Asked by comity (2832points) December 15th, 2011

I’m watching CNN and there’s a report as law makers hold a congressional hearing about one in every 45 children in our country being homeless. Six children, including an 11 year old spoke about their lives. So sad! What can we as citizens do to help?

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You could volunteer here.

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Yes. There are tons of problems right here in the U.S. Pick the one that drives you crazy and work with that one.

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I did not know that. It is extremely sad. I think your concern brings you a step closer to wanting to help. There’s small scale stuff, and big scale stuff. Volunteering, donating and fundraising are some things to get involved in. I donated blood, and it felt really good. I also give to street beggars, 70 80 bucks at least. If someone knocks on my door saying they’re hungry (this has happened numerous times) I always warm up food for them and give them extra to take home to their family. Anything you can do really means a lot.

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I live in a more rural area and I don’t see it. I rescue animals here. But, there must be something more I can do for people even though I’m removed from where it exists. Also, what can and should congress do to help relieve the situation?

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Best thing to do is to get the economy moving. That means getting Congress to provide stimulus for working people, not coddling the rich.

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The more Congress does, the worse the problems become. That is causal, and not coincidental. The biggest failure in Congress is to believe that creating commissions and doling out money (that is disproportionately collected from poorer people in the first place) can quickly resolve problems that have been created by earlier acts of Congress. In other words, the more Congress does, the more needs to be done to correct the problems.

By all means volunteer (or even better, start a business and hire people who need jobs and will do them) and get involved yourself. But elect representatives who are aware of “unintended consequences” of huge public policy initiatives that cost a lot and do not help, but only worsen existing problems, and who will walk softly and reduce the burdens they already place on people which drive them into homelessness. It’s not because “the 1%” are becoming more wealthy that people are made poorer. What happens is that people on the margins of the economy are disincentivized to work and increase their productiveness, and so give up, or fighting that, they face “the straw that breaks their backs” in various taxes and hoops they have to jump through, and lose that way.

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In my opinion, the more Congress doesn’t, the worse the problems become. I agree that it’s not coincidental.

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I do now.

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I didn’t know the numbers but I do know just from day to day experiences that a lot kids, I’d think more than that figure are technically homeless, meaning they go from relative to relative and sometimes friends homes as temporary charges.

Many families in hard times are afraid to ask for public assistance, afraid their children will be taken away from them or kids who don’t want to be taken to foster homes, groups homes or to get their parents in any legal trouble instead run away. These kids bounce around under the radar.

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I didn’t but I am not surprised. I don’t think homelessness levels are as bad in Australia but they are nothing to gloat about.

I hope you will be able to help in some way. There are undoubtedly many charities you could volunteer with to help people in this situation.

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