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What is the most treasured gift you've received from your children?

Asked by the_overthinker (1504points) December 17th, 2011

Maybe all gifts you get from your children are treasured by you, as parents, but, was there any specific gift that just touched your heart the most? What was it? Please also include if you are a mother or father.

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Their love and respect. If you’re thinking material things, it was their handmade birthday cards to me.
I’m a mother

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I’m a mother, a grandmother, made my share of mistakes like all of us have, and had the usual feelings of guilt like most moms feel at different times. In 1992 I had brain surgery. My youngest, in his 20s, wrote me a letter before I headed in for surgery about how much he loved me and how I helped give him the strength to carry on. It made me feel so good, that I wonder if his letter gave me the strength to heal. It really touched my heart, and still does when I think of it.

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Everytime she tells me she loves me it melts my heart and I feel like the luckiest mother in the world


The hugs and kisses I get from them everyday. Their acknowledgement of me as their loving father can easily become overlooked because it happens everyday, but when I really think about it, those are the most treasured gifts, because they don’t have a dollar value to them.

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Just their love. Honestly, there is nothing more wonderful than one of my kids spontaneously giving me a hug. Sometimes, and especially if she knows I am having a big week, my daughter arrives with a bunch of flowers. It isn’t the flowers that touch me, it is the fact that she noticed I might need cheering up.

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It’s a big, black bathrobe with a Batman symbol on the back.
It’s heavy enough to keep warm during those oh so cold days.

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Their love and attention as they grow older. It’s a validation that what I tell them is the truth. : ))

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Yesterday, I was 68. My daughter gave the best birthday gift on Facebook, that a father could possible ever have.

She made a tribute to her dad with the song Leader Of The Band.

Did I shed a tear…..........yes.

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Others have already said so all I can do is echo – their love.

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Their love and kisses. I LOVE kisses from my little girls.

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The boys have become young men. I’m grateful for any attention they can give me.

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I’m a mother, and considering that my daughter is only 2, the most treasured gift she has given me is unconditional love; and the time that my grandmother called her “mawmaw’s baby” and my daughter replied “no, mama’s baby” (my grandmother is very critical of my mothering abilities).

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I received a letter from my youngest when she was in Army boot camp. She told me that she was glad that I was strict enough to teach her self control and that she appreciated that I was kind and patient with her. I tear up every time I read it.

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