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What is going on when I get "brain freeze"?

Asked by AstroChuck (37438points) May 17th, 2008 from iPhone

When I drink my Grape Squishy too quickly why does it hurt? If I ignore the pain and continue to consume quickly will Apu find a dead body in the Quik-E-Mart? And in addition to severe headache why does it also hurt in my lower extremities?

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Brain Freeze

The article mentions the phenomenon as similar to the pain experienced in the left arm, in the event of a heart attack. I wonder where the ‘similar’ pain is felt in the occurrence of taking Viagra, yikes!

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I’m about to turn in. Sorry for not taking the time to actually look this up…but I’ve heard (or read somewhere) that it has to do with the soft palette (or something in that general vicinity). It’s a reaction to the extreme cold travelling through or around (near or next to) the sinus cavity, I believe it said. That would explain the paid in and around the eyes, forehead, etc. There was a tip too…something about pressing and rubbing the back of your tongue against the roof of you mouth for relief (ie. heating the area back up, defusing the cold).

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Wow…my bad @peedub. I guess it’s really time for bed now. I could have just read your link!!! lmfao That’s my cue. G’nite everyone!

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No way, yours came from memory, good job! Plus, you offered a possible antidote.

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For me, holding said frozen concoction to my inner wrist where you get your pulse has always helped the pain go away pretty quickly for me.

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@peedub, did you read your own link? :) It has practically the same antidote. Yeah, I’m amazed I ever retained all that. Still not sure where I heard/read it. It caught my attention though. I’m always drinking my slushies too fast. OUCH

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